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  • Harmon's Flower Tree Event! 4/30-5/21

    Hey, guys! I noticed that some have been lamenting the lack of an Event Page for new stuff on the forums, so I thought I'd give it a shot! Have your chats about the event here!~

    Harmon's Flower Tree Event (see here for new/renewed tree pictures!)
    Event Dates: Thursday, April 30th, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 21st, Before Maintenance

    Event Details
    During the event, you will receive the quest, "[Guide] Part-Time Job Available - Harmon".
    Talk to Harmon in Dunbarton.
    You do not need to register a main account. All characters can participate.
    Harmon will only work with one character at a time.
    Once completed, you will receive the following rewards:
    10,000 EXP

    Daily Quest Info
    The daily quests reset each day at 7:00 AM PDT.
    Any quest that is not completed by 7:00 AM PDT will be cancelled. All quest items will be removed at that time.
    Daily quests will require you to complete two stages:
    For the first stage, you will receive one of two quests ([Event] Part-Time Job - Barley Husks or [Event] Part-Time Job - Shadow Realm Soil
    After completing the first stage, you will receive the [Event] Part-Time Job - Grow Saplings
    You can skip the first stage by purchasing the Mysterious Sapling from Harmon for 10,000 Gold.

    Daily Quest 1

    Part-Time Job - Barley Husks
    Talk to Harmon to accept the Part-Time Job.
    When harvesting a Barley field, you have a chance of harvesting Suitable Barley.
    Mill 10 Suitable Barley at the Windmill in Tir Chonaill to receive a Bag of Barley Husks.
    Once completed, you will earn the following rewards:
    20,000 EXP
    Harmon's Paper Box

    Part-Time Job - Shadow Realm Soil
    Talk to Harmon to accept the Part-Time Job.
    Clear a Shadow Mission of any level to receive a Bag of Shadow Realm Soil.
    You can get the Bag of Shadow Realm Soil from any Tara or Taillteann Shadow Realm mission.
    Once completed, you will earn the following rewards:
    20,000 EXP
    Harmon's Paper Box

    Daily Quest 2

    Part-Time Job - Growing Saplings
    Talk to Harmon in Dunbarton.
    Harmon will give you a Mysterious Sapling (Level 1), Curious Cabbage Seed, and Harmon's Farming Tool Set (Rental).
    Use Harmon's Nutri-Grow Fertilizer to grow the Mysterious Sapling to Level 4.
    There are two ways to acquire Harmon's Nutri-Grow Fertilizer:
    Farm the Curious Cabbage Seed for 20 min. Deliver the harvested Curious Cabbage to Harmon to receive Harmon's Nutri-Grow Fertilizer.
    Purchase Harmon's Nutri-Grow Fertilizer from Harmon for 4,000 Gold.
    One Harmon's Nutri-Grow Fertilizer potion will increase the Mysterious Sapling by one level. Repeat this process to grow the Mysterious Sapling from Level 1 to Level 4.
    Use Harmon's Farming Tool Set (Rental) to grow the Mysterious Sapling from Level 4 to Level 5.
    Once completed, you will earn the following rewards:
    20,000 EXP
    Harmon's Paper Box
    Homestead Small Pretty Cherry Blossom Tree

    Completion Quest

    [Challenge] Grow a Mysterious Sapling 15 Times
    Grow a Mysterious Sapling (Level 5) and bring it to Harmon 15 times.
    Once the quest is completed, you will receive the following rewards:
    20,000 EXP
    Harmon's Paper Box
    Homestead Gorgeous Cherry Blossom Tree (Stats upon placement: INT +3, Magic Attack +5, Music Buff Effect +1%)

    The Curious Cabbage will remain in the Homestead Crop list until the next update. However, you will be unable to obtain Curious Cabbage Seeds after the event ends.
    Any Curious Cabbage obtained through the event will be destroyed with the next update.
    The Bag of Barley Husks will still appear on the crafting list for the Mill after the event ends. However, you will be unable to obtain Suitable Barley once the event ends.
    You can purchase Packaged Mysterious Seedling from Harmon. This will allow you to grow the Mysterious Sapling two times a day. You can only purchase this if you have finished the Daily Quest.

    Harmon's Paper Box Prizes
    *New* Homestead Abundant Cherry Blossom TreeMabinogi Homestead Abundant Cherry Blossom Tree
    *New* Homestead Pretty Cherry Blossom TreeMabinogi Homestead Pretty Cherry Blossom Tree
    *New* Homestead Snow-Covered TreeMabinogi Homestead Snow-Covered Tree
    *New* Homestead Small Snow-Covered TreeMabinogi Homestead Small Snow-Covered Tree
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious Prairie TreeMabinogi Homestead Harmonious Prairie Tree
    *Renewed* Homestead Hamonious Japanese Cedar TreeMabinogi Homestead Hamonious Japanese Cedar Tree
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious Fir TreeMabinogi Homestead Harmonious Fir Tree
    *Renewed* Harmonious Desert Tree 1Mabinogi Harmonious Desert Tree 1
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious Desert Tree 2Mabinogi Homestead Harmonious Desert Tree 2
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious Snowfield Tree 1Mabinogi Homestead Harmonious Snowfield Tree 1
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious Snowfield Tree 2Mabinogi Homestead Harmonious Snowfield Tree 2
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious Apple TreeMabinogi Homestead Harmonious Apple Tree
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious Snowfield Apple TreeMabinogi Homestead Harmonious Snowfield Apple Tree
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious Cherry Blossom TreeMabinogi Homestead Harmonious Cherry Blossom Tree
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious BambooMabinogi Homestead Harmonious Bamboo Tree
    *Renewed* Homestead Harmonious Orange TreeMabinogi Homestead Harmonious Orange Tree
    Lucky Red Upgrade Stone (Event)
    Lucky Blue Upgrade Stone (Event)
    Rebirth Potion (Event)
    Martial Arts 2x EXP Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Dual Gun 2x EXP Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Magic 2x EXP Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Life 2x EXP Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Alchemy 2x EXP Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Music 2x EXP Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Ninja 2x EXP Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Puppetry 2x EXP Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Close Combat 2x EXP Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Special Tendering Potion S (Event) (Expiries: 15 days)
    Magic Power Potion (Expiries: 15 days)
    Special High Speed Gathering Potion (Event) (Expiries: 15 days)
    Movement Speed 40% Increase Potion (Event) (Expiries: 15 days)
    Combat 2x EXP Potion (30 min) (Expiries: 15 days)
    Full Recovery Potion (Event) (Expiries: 15 days)
    Nao's Soul Stone x5 (Event) (Expiries: 15 days)
    Party Phoenix Feather (Event) (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 9 (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 10 (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 11 (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 12 (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 13 (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 14 (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 15 (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 16 (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 17 (Expires: 7 days)
    Age Potion - Age 18 (Expires: 7 days)
    HP Buff Potion (Event) (Expires: 7 days)
    MP Buff Potion (Event) (Expires: 7 days)
    Stamina Buff Potion (Event (Expires: 7 days))
    Protection/DEF Buff Potion (Event) (Expires: 7 days)
    HP 30 Potion
    HP 50 Potion
    HP 100 Potion
    HP 300 Potion
    MP 30 Potion
    MP 50 Potion
    MP 100 Potion
    MP 300 Potion
    Stamina 30 Potion
    Stamina 50 Potion
    Stamina 100 Potion
    Stamina 300 Potion
    HP/MP 30 Potion
    HP/MP 50 Potion
    HP/MP 100 Potion
    HP/MP 300 Potion
    HP/Stamina 30 Potion
    HP/Stamina 50 Potion
    HP/Stamina 100 Potion
    HP/Stamina 300 Potion
    Diet Potion U
    Diet Potion L
    Diet Potion F
    Heliodor (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Bloodstone (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Jade (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Tourmaline (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Pink Sapphire (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Jet (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Opal (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Phantom Quartz (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Tanzanite (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Ametrine (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Green Heliodor (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Red Heliodor (Size: 2.0 cm)
    Topaz (Size: 3.0 cm)
    Star Sapphire (Size: 3.0 cm)
    Emerald (Size: 3.0 cm)
    Aquamarine (Size: 3.0 cm)
    Garnet (Size: 3.0 cm)
    Jasper (Size: 3.0 cm)
    Ruby (Size: 3.0 cm)
    Spinel (Size: 3.0 cm)
  • Hint: Alban Knights Festia April Fools Event

    Squee wrote: »
    To those that need to know where Caswyn is, he's out in the middle of nowhere in the grassy area. Just go down the stairs towards Lorna and turn left and keep going till you find him next to a rock.

    If you have any trouble, you can NPC search for him on the minimap as well.
  • Event Heads-Up! 4/2/20

    Hey, Milletians, I hope you're all saying safe and taking care of one another during these times. Anyway, the only thing ending this week is the All Skill Training Week after Thursday's Maintenance on the 2nd. The current buffs for this week are All Skill Training x2 and costs for repairs are currently at 50%. This coming week will keep the half off repairs, but we'll instead gain 2x AP gain, so be sure to work diligently while we have these buffs! In addition to that, the added weekend buffs are going to be as follows: Combat EXP, Baltane Mission EXP and Shadow Mission EXP will all be doubled on April 4th and 5th.

    I know everything is hard right now, but let's all stick together during this and hopefully this will all be a thing of the past. Take care and stay safe, everyone!

  • In game, what is the difference between...

    If we're talking in terms of how they look, I imagine Succubi or Incubi could make themselves appear however they want within their limitations, but they prefer to resemble their food (i.e. people) to lure them in and strike.
  • Events/Sales Heads-Up! 2/13/20

    Nilrem wrote: »
    A bunch of stuff is ending, which means we might see a bunch of stuff also starting.

    Maybe. We can't really tell sometimes.

    Usually, we'll find out in the maint post.

    We do, but the sidelines changing are usually a good sign too.