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  • So.. When are the reforge bot shops going to die?

    all i am reading is a bunch of paranoia
  • Who wore it better!?

    Greta wrote: »
    Konaki wrote: »
    Does making a thread like this boost your self-esteem? Because you're just showing off at this point. lol.

    Why is this thread in general?

    Does making a comment like this boost your self-esteem? Because you're just being rude at this point. lol.

    I like how new fresh accounts pop up of nowhere and their very first comments are just rude or legit stupid.

    lol good one greta , guess the scrubs just feel safe to say w.e they want since they just using mule accounts to trash talk
  • Royal Castle Banquet

    Gaea wrote: »
    So much system instability. I feel like they aren't even doing maintenance. More and more stuff keeps breaking. Are they even taking note?

    whats this Gaea questioning nexon? now i have seen everything
  • 9th Anniversary GM Event Day 1: Tarlach

    even gacha content gets modified the recent wing gacha , was exited because a pair of wings i was looking forward to would have come out for us , but when the gacha was here the wings not found

  • 9th Anniversary GM Event Day 1: Tarlach

    mintiel wrote: »
    It's okay I'm still waiting for Memento and G21 to come out if ever but I mean hey if we wanna defend Nexon NA on rehashing stuff for like what, months now, and not really doing anything aside giving us new gaches then we always have Gaea I guess. She'll explain why we're brats for wanting the Smart Content System or whatever its called that came out what, a few years ago, that NA still hasn't implemented, and we should be honored that the GMs & CMs would even want to talk to us and answer our questions.

    that is new content to come , the issue here is that the updates for few of the things i mentioned before already have passed and still nothing