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  • (KR) Face Slot (Style Tab)

    Sebastian wrote: »
    Sebastian wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    I hate this game when i remember how limited you are with your character and outfit looks.
    Most new MMO's have huge varieties in character creation and most of them will be free and some of them will be directly buyable in Cash shop which is STILL better than these crappy gachas. Same goes with outfits.
    Waiting for the day when gachas and pay to win microtransactions in games will be banned.

    I have to adamantly agree with you, actually, despite what everyone's saying. To be honest it all went completely downhill when they introduced the hair coupon gachapon.

    They very rarely re-release the hairstyle gachapon, which makes matters worse. Hairstyles that people want are either in extremely low quantity and sold for millions, or have completely run dry (looking at you, Altam and Fringed Bob).

    Not necessarily? It was an addition. If they changed the hairstyles that used to be pons to coupons then you can say it went down hill, but they added the hair requiring coupons if I remember right. It is just a bad move on their part and they should change it.

    It doesn't change the fact it set the precedent that people will waste money for higher resolution hairstyles, some of which are blatant copies of the low-poly hairs. People spend money, Nexon learns they can make money off of in depth character design through toxic gacha methods. How many times have we asked them just to revamp old hairs?

    This has been discussed in the discord server I believe, but some glasses etc that currently exist won't even WORK with the new system, allegedly. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    True. And actually yeah, they really need to retouch the hairs or do a whole overhaul giving them physics, it has been nearly a decade since we have been asking.
  • (KR) Face Slot (Style Tab)

    Greta wrote: »

    I have no comments...

    Beyond stupid because it's just in vip style tab? If not, nothing is wrong with having more slots. Maple had for earrings, rings, heard wear and others. What is wrong with you, are you drunk? Going through something? Keep your behavior off the net and talk it out out with a friend. This game does need this kind of negative behavioral influence, are you a teen?
  • (KR) Punk Out Box

    Someone Get Devcat a New Clothing Designer. Someone who actually knows how to match appropriate outfits to game theme. smh.
    WolfsingerDarkpixie99Radiant Dawn
  • Celestial Daydream Box

    Uberchao wrote: »
    Dude this "god" aesthetic is super tired, haven't there been several gachas along these lines designwise by now? It looks dumb and does nothing for immersion, and everyone who can afford it wears the trendy stuff like this anyway so it isn't ever like you can feel special wearing it.

    That's right, all of you rich folks sittin around in dunby in the newest gacha outfits are clowns with no sense of fashion. Get some taste of your own to spend all that gold on.

    Ouch someone is salty. Let people wear what they want. The little details in the designs are nice, I appreciate this one. Also immersive? It's Talvish's outfit lol. Though I do wish there are more new outfits that are tame (but not Loli or grandiose) with idles.
  • PILLOW FIGHT IS BACK (see upcoming maintenance)!

    Gaea wrote: »
    No you don't if you don't play anymore. I also find it annoying when someone who doesn't play anymore complains about this game. They lurk and randomly pop up just to complain. Go move on to other games and complain in their forums about their games. Thanks.

    I would just ignore. I think she is just trolling trying exert some frustration or something wanting to get people riled up. She posted a pic of her doing g21 somewhere in one of the threads soooo. yep.