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  • (KR) Face Slot (Style Tab)

    Greta wrote: »

    I have no comments...

    Beyond stupid because it's just in vip style tab? If not, nothing is wrong with having more slots. Maple had for earrings, rings, heard wear and others. What is wrong with you, are you drunk? Going through something? Keep your behavior off the net and talk it out out with a friend. This game does need this kind of negative behavioral influence, are you a teen?
  • (KR) Punk Out Box

    You know, I seem to recall some feedback posts ages ago asking for more earrings... I guess wigs with earring are that even ground now.
    But dang, the Punk theme is all out in this gachapon!

    Someone Get Devcat a New Clothing Designer. Someone who actually knows how to match appropriate outfits to game theme. smh.
    You see, that's just the thing... you can't tell Punk how to fashion. It's in it's own class of not caring, it's just that cool.

    KR Punk Out Gachapon Banner:

    Google Translated:
    ✌ Punk Out Box ✌ In the " Punk Out Box ", you can find punk out rolling special wear (for men and women), punk out special wear (for men and women), punk out wigs
    You can get a chance to meet one of the in-game items including the second title acquisition coupon.
    As a basic reward, you will receive three additional Indelion Life Reputation Marks (250), three Ideal Living Reputation Marks (250), and one out of three Elinhold Living Reputation Marks (250) .
    ◎ Notes ◎
    * Punk Out Rolling Special wear (male / female), punk out special wear (male / female) wears a
    special motion.
    * Punk-out small amp / broken microphone / hard case / sticks and cymbals / broken electric guitar outer ordercan be used for items except spirit & some weapons . ( Punk-out small amplifier: One-handed sword / Failed microphone: Chainblade / Hard case: Two-handed sword / Shattered electric guitar: Shield / Stick and Symbol: Swordsman )

    I dress in Hues of black. Lol I see nothing but punk wannabies. and welll Mabi over all does not care. Didn't know I was playing the Sims.
  • (KR) Punk Out Box

    Someone Get Devcat a New Clothing Designer. Someone who actually knows how to match appropriate outfits to game theme. smh.
    WolfsingerDarkpixie99Radiant Dawn
  • PILLOW FIGHT IS BACK (see upcoming maintenance)!

    Gaea wrote: »
    No you don't if you don't play anymore. I also find it annoying when someone who doesn't play anymore complains about this game. They lurk and randomly pop up just to complain. Go move on to other games and complain in their forums about their games. Thanks.

    I would just ignore. I think she is just trolling trying exert some frustration or something wanting to get people riled up. She posted a pic of her doing g21 somewhere in one of the threads soooo. yep.