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  • @Nexon, it's time to stop.

    I've got to say that Odinwolfe's original post had more emotion than was necessary to get the point across, but I can understand the way they feel exactly. However, the way that they've been treated by the rest of this community, and especially by Gaea, is atrocious. Personal attacks about other people being lazy and belittling people for their financial decisions are not called for. Not only that, but businesses have some responsibility when it comes to providing worth for someone's money, and nexon isn't a back-alley merchant. I don't think attacking someone for calling out something that is low-value like gacha is particularly, especially when you yourselves refuse to buy it and admit its not worthwhile.

    It seems like we can all agree that the drop rates that nexon on gacha has are too low, and can be infuriating regardless of which side of the argument we're on. that's a valid point. It would appear that Odinwolfe was trying to get the point across that gacha is a way to directly support the game, compared to giving their money to gold-sellers in order to buy the item/s that are in the gacha specifically, and that something should be done to incentivise away from this (like making gacha loot, or in-game items more accessible). For all of you criticising Odin for spending on gacha, maybe they don't regret buying it, because they get to support nexon directly? Perhaps they are just frustrated about the fact that people will be more inclined to buy gold because the drop rates are terrible.

    Now for specifics,
    Gaea, Odin never ever said to fire our GM's. They stated whoever is responsible should be fired, which everyone agrees our GM's are not. Additionally, there's been a few people who have defended odin in one way or another, not just THICCtightssavelives. it goes to show your closed-minded approach to this thread.
    Leinei & others, the amount of time to earn a few million gold at a reasonable level without costly gear may not be too bad, as long as you're farming gold the right way. However, do you really think 1 million a day from fomor scrolls is going to be more enticing to people with disposable income than spending an hour's worth of work wages on $20m? I doubt you can make $20m in a day without selling anything you currently own, or buying from the cash shop, let alone in an hour. And if you can, can more than 5% of the playerbase? It would appear that Odin was making a valid point that everyone is ignoring to jump on the bandwagon to attack him and his financial decisions.