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  • How about that Cave of Trials?

    Failed the first two runs at the Duke, got to the Succubus Queen on the third one and I couldn't finish it because of lame teleporting mechanics with her sweet illusion skill...

    How exactly is this fair when she can teleport behind the wall, drop aggro and sit there while being unable to be attacked at all.
    I wanted to flip a pixel table when I had to leave. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • My Questions of Concern for Fairy Event

    Yeah, this is upsetting. IF I knew it'd be like this, I wouldn't of gotten 50 each day on my character. Instead I would of done it a couple times and call it good. But no...

    Honestly we should be allowed a reset of the book or to have a chance at getting a new one, whichever is easier. That way we'd have a chance at the rng gift again.
  • Friends list stuff

    I've always wondered why is there no indication on the friends list itself as to how many friends we have, and what the max limit is. I would think that this would be a useful feature to those of us who care about that. Plus knowing how many friends you have until you hit the max would be pretty nice as well.

    With counting my own friends list and having help confirming the limit, we have a friends list limit of 200 users. Years ago this would of been fine, and I don't actually know if the limit was increased it at all but it would be really nice to have a higher limit now.
    300 would be a little more comfortable, but 500 would be a pretty good number for this day and age. We're able to add users on other servers as well, so with a limit of 200 that is really tough.

    I made an example image earlier about how I'd like to see it work. We don't need the "See" part on "See Friends" for the tab so it fits, but here's the ideal. Indication of current number of friends, max limit of friends and on the friends list all together, in a convenient way where it's not taking up space anywhere. I assume something like this could be done with a little coding


    Ign: Zarric
    Server: Mari
  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]

    It's hard to pick a single place as a favorite since the whole place is pretty nice.
    But I've spent the most time at the Clobbermeister area overall so I'm picking this place. That and I love those Matryoshka.

    IGN: Zarric
    Server: Mari
  • Fez & Tia's Hotdays

    Thank you for these weekends.

    Also yep, I noticed that awhile ago and was fortunate to get the name for my Fez pet lol