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  • Exciting Forum Developments INC!

    @Hardmuscle I noticed that yesterday after logging back in and then off after a little bit last night.

    For this whole thing though, good job on restoring that setting and it seems to be keeping the bot problem in check. User = :D essentially.
    [Deleted User]
  • Exciting Forum Developments INC!

    Miuna wrote: »
    But we can't see the forum unless logged in anymore... that's bad cus forum won't let me login from my phone no matter what. Like, no matter how many times I login it just logs me out :(
    Either way if this gets rid of all the spam that I've been scrolling over daily then it's very nice :D

    I have issues with the forums being like this too.
    I don't use auto-fill, I use private browsing on firefox, and I clean up my pc with CCleaner after I'm done browsing. I just want to browse without being logged in as it's not like ANYONE can do anything on the forum itself if they're not logged in. If I have something I want to say, like now for instance, I will log in to do so.

  • What skill did you get to Dan 3, or are going too?

    I had all 12 of the existing Dan-able skills prior to the update at Dan 3, so Combat only had 4. I plan to Dan 3 every Dan-able skill possible eventually but after doing Healing early on and getting frustrated at the Dan 2 -> Dan 3 tests after 5 days I switched my focus on the 4 remaining in Combat. I'll go back to Healing later on.
    Just finished Crash Shot, and it was quite easy. Average score was 13k points minimum, and I just got nearly 18k for the last test.
    Doing the old 12 took like 3 years of time overall, but it was worth it if you really look at the details. Immediate benefits of every Dan 3'd skills from the update, not having to focus on training them ever again nor worry about having to train them back up. That and being immediately ahead of anyone who didn't have most/any of them done.
  • Server Merge


    I said that months ago in theoretical situation, thought I didn't imply it then. That post was for the original un-edited opening post which has changed.

    At this time I still stand by what I said Here
    Basically merging servers are not needed, despite what -some- people think or believe.
    [Deleted User]Sherri
  • Stream

    Wrote a recap last night, enjoy.