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  • Level 50 Renown stuff

    Alrighty, here it is.
    Full 50 renown cap, and got it done at 10:02am et

    Never need to do this for myself, ever again. So happy!
  • The weekly server merge thread

    I'm pretty much on the wagon with the NO server merges users. While people whine that we need it and post threads X amount of times a month, I don't think we need it really. Sure, you yes to merges lul people whine but there's an at least an equal amount of people or even more (while its not openly voiced here or in other places) that don't want a merge. It's never been a good ideal in most cases that I've read, and there are issues with it, majority being the names and certain once in a life time event things such as seal stones. That and merging servers often means that the game is dying, which it isn't like some believe to be happening.

    Having all 4 servers merged into a single server will hurt the game a lot more than being as it is now. It's bad enough we have issues with the service/servers as is with 4 servers, and merging certain servers and any other server together will be a major mistake. The lag issues are a big deal and over-crowding will be an issue. For instance as of this moment, looking at the chart on the wiki Alexina's market ch is 1 by the obvious looks. It's stated to be 80% full. Now lets theoretically take Alexina and merge it with Ruairi or Tarlach. You now have a market channel that has 110%~120% fullness, thus the need to split the market into 2 channels at a minimum. Overall population is at 29%~32%, but the lag will be an issue for said theoretically merged server.
    ADDING channels will not solve that issue either, so the result will be a forced split for that. Next is the economy of said theoretically merged server, which will be messed up for awhile. Both servers have vast differences in price for each item and the middle price will not work right away, and users that had cheaper deals one day will then be faced with higher prices because of the merge. Sure maybe it'll be better eventually but the immediate effect on the economy will be quite obvious, and it will be painful for most.
  • Level 50 Renown stuff

    Oh I know, that just was like "Noooooo :<" Only 40 points for briana on Monday, which is like lol
  • Level 50 Renown stuff

    Share your renown stuff if you'd like :D

    Haven't missed a day since the release with MusicQ on December 15th, 2016 so I'm happy to be at 50 Nele currently, and will have the other two done by the end of Monday. Capping 50 will take 2 weeks, so full cap will be July 23rd~25th.

    Capped stats for the day:
  • Grandmaster Nurfs

    What us bards are pissed off about is the fact that they nerfed the GM effects of bard before the unique ability comes into play.

    Before the update we got +15 HP, STR, +50 Music Buff Duration and +5 Music Buff Effect.
    After the update we get +15 HP, STR, +30 Music Buff Duration.

    So basically it should of been this:
    +15 HP, STR, +50 Music Buff Duration, +5 Music Buff Effect AND +5 Music Buff Effect, +30 Music Buff Duration (If unique is active)