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  • Monster Dodge Event

    I tried to have fun with this event, but I'm sorry its not working out well.

    WHY do I only get gems? Why is the sheep transformations so darn rare???
    The RNG to get all 9, within 14 days is like saying I can get 100,000,000,000,000 gold in a single day by doing Albey for formor scrolls. It's just not going to happen, and quite frankly is unrealistic.

    What should of happened was 1 of 2 things...

    1: Make it so the event gives a guaranteed transformation coin for completing the quest for each day.

    2: Make it so that when you complete the 10th day turn in for the quest, you get all 9 transformation coins as an added prize set.

    Maybe instead do another event that guarantees all 9 coins like the Constellation Event did, that way its fair. Or a weekend hot time give away of some sorts.
  • Haunted

    That enchant and several others were in a gachapon last October. No other releases have been made thus far for them, and the stats on the web page for Haunted is wrong.
    The post is here
  • Will the 9th anniversary event have any outfits

    That set looks like it'd be something nice to own someday.

    But yep, here ya go. Gotta love the source quality lol.
  • Mabinogi Direct Launch Ending March 16th

    If I can't use the current launching method after that happens, I will likely switch over to steam again.

    But yes, there was issues that kept users from being able to even get online in the past, so my friends that use it had to use the exe to get past the issue.
    It's stuff like that which complicates things and I'd rather not run into it if it can be avoided.
    That and I heard it's slower at patching, which can be an issue as well.

    Also this
    I wish we didn't have to do this either, I like launching it right from my desktop :/
  • The OX Purge

    They gave us the chance to earn something that's a large help, and is better than a simon's bag. That being a Carasek's Bag coupon. It's a 1x1 bag in the main inv, 10x16 bag that can hold anything. Anything.

    I also like the new homestead stuff, but kinda wouldn't mind if there was some increase to the size of our homesteads. It's getting more cramped with more and more things being added so it'd be nice to see an update to them for more space.