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  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Honestly it was probably better if they considered doing 2 and 2 over what they did or a full merge. Reasons being is if Alexina was to merge into Nao someday there's already a few problems that make that worse. Being only day one on Nao, I can say I actually disliked the merge outcome so far and I'll state my own reasons as to why.

    Channel capacity is an issue already on Nao. So that definitely needs to be increased. If Alexina was there, it would be almost impossible to even enter several channels at almost any time during the day as is. Channel 1 of Nao, I couldn't enter most of the time, so with that if there was a full merge for 1 server there's a good chance you'll see 3 or 4 truly full channels, with the others being nearly there as well. So yes, channel capacity will need an increase if it happens or some other thing like adding more channels and making 2~3 channels dedicated for a market system.

    Onto the next issue is on top of that, the lag from so many players in an area makes it very hard to do anything, Dunbarton and Belvast in specific. Shopping is a pain and not everyone has a super up to date $4000+ at value pc that can handle anything thrown at it, so there will be a massive amount of lag to deal with as well. There's only so much you can do to minimize the lag as well, so just have to live with it unfortunately.

    Then the next thing is Raid bosses, and some personal opinions here. Only been to the DDs and PDs, but in general I really didn't like how that went. The location of starting point bothers me because of some way one server did things, while the other 2 were doing the same thing basically. There's no physical point to remember other than "this general area" and I guess that could just need some getting used to, but it won't make me happy regardless.
    Then some people think they're the type that can go "You people mean nothing to me, I can do whatever I want still." Sure I can't stop these people from doing things like rushing, but without any form of buffing and elemental weapon reforge protection, they will be an issue for a bit. That leads to no points for some people, or not being able to get a base value that everyone should be able to get.
    Unfortunately I don't know how the other raids went, but I'm sure they have their share of issues currently.

    Then finally the technical issues encountered yesterday are quite likely to happen again if anything happens such as another merge. It happened when the servers were changed to the AWS cloud, located in Oregon in April, and now again with a merge. So I can foresee such issues as being quite a possibility in such a case, and yes it will be solved, but at a temporary inconvenience none the less. These issues are the ones like temporarily not being able to use the cash shop/purchase things or other issues encountered such as the AH one yesterday. Just in general there will be issues really, and sure it's expected but will happen none the less.

    So in the end of things, these are just a few things I wanted to say and there's probably other things but overall I'm more or less unhappy with the current problems of Nao and I know the current population can go down with the initial hype being gone after a bit, but it's just frustrating trying to do some things and having to deal with the current issues and most certainly the up and coming other issues when name changes happen.
  • Patch Notes? THEY NINJA'D SOME STUFF IN!!!

    Draech wrote: »
    New first titles were added. From those I've found, there's "The Sturdy" and "The Lively."
    The Sturdy (#49) - Hint Description: Let's train our bodies to be rugged and durable, able to withstand the most savage of beatings. - Hint Requirement: Have a total of 1000 HP or more (Divine Link counts).

    The Lively (#51) - Hint Description: Let's build up our stamina, allowing us to tirelessly tend to our typical tasks. - Hint Requirement: Have a total of 1000 Stamina or more (Divine Link counts).

    Safe to assume there's #50 related to MP, but I'm still far from reaching 1000 MP.

    It's actually leveling up once while having 2000 or greater in Hp/Mp/Sp for each of the respective titles. I did it in 1 go without forcing a level, but I knew how to do it before doing so lol

    And to add this for ya

  • Defeating the Ulgarms...

    Oddly enough I've had no issues with winning at this, with actually doing combat.
    I took a video of myself doing this just a few ago, and this is on channel 4 in Mari which in my opinion is one of the fastest channels, aggro wise.
    -Edit, 2nd time- I'm US east coast btw, forgot to mention that.
  • How about that Cave of Trials?

    Failed the first two runs at the Duke, got to the Succubus Queen on the third one and I couldn't finish it because of lame teleporting mechanics with her sweet illusion skill...

    How exactly is this fair when she can teleport behind the wall, drop aggro and sit there while being unable to be attacked at all.
    I wanted to flip a pixel table when I had to leave. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Spirit Digestive Elixir

    These potions don't drop hunger to 0, it actually increases hunger which is useful.

    So say you're at the "Fine" level currently, using one of these will make your spirit weapon go to the "Unhappy" stage.