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  • Baltane Elite passes

    It would be great if we were allowed to choose which baltane elite pass to use when we entered a mission, like with shadow missions. Either that or the ones with cooldowns should be prioritized. I just spammed one of the baltane elite missions for hours to use this one pass that was going to expire and it ended up expiring on me anyways while my non-expiring ones kept getting used.
  • Nexon be lying to us

    I can't believe it's not butter leather

  • Manuals/patterns for new gear with each gacha

    Would it be too much to release blacksmith manuals and tailoring patterns for the new gear that are released with each gacha? Maybe make the manuals and patterns available for dan 3 players with the talent active and have the materials drop from the new content or something . Not a lot of people have money to drop on gacha every month to get the op new armor. The stat difference between the currently craftable gear and the gear you can pull from gacha is also very large. The abyss armor and the new saint guardian armor that people can get just by dropping unlimited money from their card is really unfair for the people that grinded materials to make the langu and bhafel armor. There's really no point to spamming for materials and crafting things any more if superior gear that can be obtained in seconds get released in the gacha weeks later. It really kills any motivation for anyone to play the game. Also having the manuals/patterns released with each gacha could be an incentive for the revival of the crafting system that this game advertised years ago and make the op new gear obtainable for f2p players as well.
  • About Beauty Boxes...

    I think it would be nice if beauty boxes could be one of those gachas that are here the whole year, and not some event that comes like once a year. It would let more people get coupon styles easily, and maybe people might spend more on them? Because then they would be allowed to change out of their coupon style without the fear of never getting another coupon to change back into it later on. And people that don't like to spend on gacha will be able to get the look they want too, any time of the year, if someone gets the coupon and sells it. (I don't really know how these things work so please don't kill me for this if I'm wrong though)

    Or maybe bring the gacha back more often/give it out during events. The hair coupon I want does not seem the exist on any of the two servers I play on and I don't know when I'll be able to get it.