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  • Auction Board System

    Just let us search the shops via the board as well,allow us to keep a shop/kiosk open while not being online and allow the same upper limit on every license. It's no surprise we moved from the central market hub (which even got a space update) to belvast. It's the ever growing inflation. Vindictus shows that they don't necessarily know how to implement a market average display as means to get into the market more easily for newbies anyway, so you may as well make this the extent to which shopping is made more convenient.
  • No event?

    MikuV3 wrote: »
    Dan + GM drain my time
  • Uncapping a few skills

    I agree with the exception of cooking. I'd want an expansion to cooking to be well thought-out, with new cooking methods and dishes, not just a lazy tag-on for the last few ranks..because for cooking that barely accomplishes anything. I mean, our cooking precision is already crazy.

    I do, however, want them to work on THAT. As in, I do want cooking uncapped, just not lazily.
  • Will we ever get Grandmaster hybrid talent titles?

    I agree, this would be a fun cosmetic. For the same reason I like showing off the hawker title more than polymath, because it is much harder to get at the end of the day. Feels like something to be proud of. Or ashamed of, considering how much time can go into it. Proushamed of.
  • Any fix for Elf Ranged Lag yet?

    My problem with this entire thread, which is also why I haven't really posted much past the initial premise, is that it just feels like we're arguing semantics or simply arguing for the sake of arguing, but the initial problem to me is still the same:

    This phenomenon -- whether it is dubbed some form or shape of lag, interference, packet loss, code inconsistency, redundancy, or anything you want to name it -- it is real without a doubt and even if you can fix it by modifying your game with mods or your OS by turning off services, the question I've always asked myself is this:
    Why does this still happen? Especially if there's a magical cure like we're supposing there is, it would probably be best if instead of having every individual person solve the problem themselves, the game itself was made to bloody work properly like any other game.

    I for instance know how to research things and usually deal with computer-related issues just fine because I've studied IT, but what about the rest of the crowd? What would a psychologist do? Or a construction worker? Point is, people here want to simply enjoy a game. A game that can not and has not dealt with not only this particular problem, but a plethora of other issues, yet we stand (or sit) here bickering about who's right or wrong about..what again?

    I personally just want to bring attention to this issue and get a fix from an official source that we can trust, that is legal to use and makes the game feel as fair and balanced as game should generally be. Nothing wrong with that. So, can we focus on that? Or is there going to be some kind of disagreement with that statement again anyway?