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  • Dorcha Conversion - Rua

    I've played this game for so many years and completed most of the generation, optional and event quests that were ever released..

    ....except for this one, because I aaaaaabsolutely do not give a damn about her. This time I immediately noticed how it came back to bite me and part of me thinks this was intentional. I mean..Corentin, really? Out of all people you could've picked in the entire game? No wonder we also got Rua.
  • Are elves still good at vacuuming?

    Julie wrote: »
    oh you mean theyre fixed? inb4 elf lag isnt.

    This may come as a shocking surpise, actually, because..., why would it ever be fixed? However, people will gladly tell you that it doesn't exist or that you're naming it wrong because it's not actual lag, or offer you tons of latency fixes that you probably already have and don't actually amend the problem.
  • ...20 barri basic runs and No Crystal.

    Who the heck even thought of putting two of the crystals for a skill quest on SHARED mobs in open areas in very limited numbers for an entire damn server? AND made them tradable, so that people could constantly farm and monopolize said mobs? Which barely sentient being did they pick to come up with this idea? I do not understand.

    EDIT: and don't even get me started on the CP problem with the droprate. I''ve got next to everything maxed. Come on?
  • How's New Talent ?

    No such tiny piece of content is ever worth coming back for. If you aren't playing right now, you will be done playing again once you've ranked it up or even before. I don't get why these types of questions keep popping up.
  • Influx of shop bots.

    If people priced reforges reasonably, I'd be more appalled at this development. I can't seem to care.
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