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  • Easier Dan tests

    There are definitely ways to reduce lag, mate, but there are limits. Trust me, if I could ditch this american server for a european one, I would. It's not by choice. @Iyasenu is right about the RNG elements as well. Guess why I complain about the mag dan test in every thread like this? Because it does suck. I've seen people achieve it, yes. There is definitely also skill involved. But in a few of these dan tests, it doesn't matter if you're skilled enough to know what to do if your luck is just outright awful.

    Test of skill, right? Let's not have luck be that much of a factor.
  • Easier Dan tests

    Yeeep, still want the points significantly increased on the mag test.Some of these dans are entirely too frustrating with their rng elements. I have my doubts they're ever gonna listen though.
  • Wait till tuesday bonus for rates @ event bracelet

    I'm so glad that this item is so bad that I am not actually tempted to run boring dungeons for it.
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Oh, I do understand...but do note the archery focus of the first post. Those videos are perhaps 5% archery - and all of that is balanced on a tightrope of insanely low latency, SoG and quite possibly a ridiculous amount of reforging. The whole rest of the video just showcases how anyone can run anything as long as they poop money.
    I'm aware elves can run everything. I'm not a fan of the general QQ, either. You'll have to realize that some of these threads -- or perhaps some posts in these types of threads -- are not always "QQ" though. It always gets written off like that. Always.

    Problem is, some of you treat everyone who starts a discussion like this as an idiot, but it takes one to know one. Case in point, check how you now pray to those few posts like a work of God and assume it is the whole truth and all knowledge you have is innately superior and everyone else is automatically dumb, despite maaaaybe there being a chance that you're not actually fully right, or you misunderstood a person's intentions or words. That is why some of us don't like arguing about this for a long time, including myself. Hell, even if you were to be right (that is not to say that you aren't, but I'm not convinced that you are in everything you say), you are all wording your posts to condescendingly and low-key rudely that I am immediately put off by it, regardless of the point. know what, actually. I'll just be elsewhere. Jesus.
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Wow, kudos to this Toon guy for doing a much better job at trying to convince the "elves suck and need a revamp" forum hive mind that elves are actually p good. Alas, soon one of them will hit you with another straw man like how elves lose Visions when they change channels or something about lag.

    Or perhaps some people don't actually feel like arguing about wallet warriors and about videos that incorporate far more than and almost nothing of the actual initial post's topic. This promptly became another thread about elf QQ and the crushing of elf QQ alongside actual criticism, in equal, uncaring amounts. I said what I thought about the proposed changes, but this all feels very different from the initial premise and I can understand if people are tired as hell of this type of attitude. You could cut them some slack, at least.