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  • Lots of dailies that need 3+ ppl huh?

    I just dislike that it's a bit hard to find strong enough friends sometimes to feasibly do these types of missions at a time appropriate for europeans, since so many people have quit the game over the years even on Alexina. I must admit I'm not a fan of teaming up with randomers most of the time because there's no safety against leechers, nor any guarantee people are as strong as they say they are, nor that they're decent people. Too many unpleasant, unknown variables to me.

    Still, I don't dislike these missions in general, because they usually come with a useful perk, such as high exp+gold, barricades to train on, or a very quick run for shadow mission materials.

    Oh, also...a lot of people stop at level 990-999 because it gets harder at 1k, but think about this for a second: it may get a lot harder when you do hit 1k, but remember that that's the last time the difficulty ever increases. I honestly find the difficulty spike between int and adv to be a lot worse than from adv to hm. You may as well surpass 1k, do dailies, events, squire mission, saga and other generation quests and potential level stuff for 1-3k levels beyond level 1k and focus all that on improving a single talent's damage by boosting the stats it uses for damage and suddenly, things are not so bad anymore. What lies beyond 1k is that the only thing EVER becoming you.
  • Report player abuse

    Let's not, though. As someone already said, your name isn't on the area nor monsters. Sure it feels bad if someone suddenly decides to claim half or more of the mobs you were previously killing, but imagine if our game was more densely populated than now. Like..when I started, for instance. Nowadays you can even find ancient raccoons. Ancient. Raccoons.

    Don't let it bother you too much. Just share. It's way worse when someone destroys a spider farm willfully with windmill, because that's actually something you had a hand in, even if it still doesn't have your name on it. That used to be way more common than it is now and it wasn't funny training weaving that way.
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Mirage Missile is amazing, I don't know why everyone is hating on it. If anything I would change the spread AoE and frequency (though not damage frequency, as that would hurt the overall duration).
    MM compared with elven movement speed makes you literally untouchable against a single enemy. That's the whole point. It also deals great damage on impact, it's basically a mini magnum that loads much faster and slows. It's a fantastic skill.

    I object to all changes you're posing aside from dual daggers, especially the melee skill. Elves aren't supposed to be warriors/lancers, that's clearly anchored into the lore and stats. They may one day have a talent that allows them to be decent in melee, but it should not be warrior or lance combat. I'm saying this as an elf. We're not all mighty.

    Also, other people: don't argue that archery is god-tier in KR. While it may be so, we have to keep pushing for an update that will benefit everyone, such as a damage formula for archery that incorporates latency as a variable to adjust the damage based on how much you lag. All these aim speed buffs are meaningless to people who don't live next to the servers, especially us europeans, who don't have an own server anymore.

    Hide is fine the way it is, aside from the cooldown. It should maybe have a 15s base cooldown and add 15s*(damage taken that broke your invisibility divided by your max health) to the timer and will thus leave the timer straight at 15s if you were the reason the invisibility broke in the first place. It should never, Never, NEVER make you fully invisible, you know why? Because privacy, that's why. Full invisibility is something GMs can have AT MOST, because it means you can just stand next to people who're in a secluded area and listen in to all they're saying. Of course they should keep things in private chat in the first place, but this is a major issue regardless. Not nice. Don't stalk people, it'll only hurt mabi's reputation for allowing it. Hide also needs no additional effects. It's not that great for combat I agree, but that's how it's supposed to be. Hidera is about the only thing you can do with it and its usefulness keeps getting smaller, plus the damage per second is really low on that one and that's fine.

    Final Shot needs to activate like way of the gun, so that you don't have to cancel one skill and load another skill every single time you want to launch a damn arrow. For us europeans that alone can take 3-6s to do, which makes the skill absolutely worthless regardless of how much aim% you get on top. What we need is a skill duration bar like WOTG has so that we can just load magnum shot like we normally do, without having to always cancel final shot first. Also, for the teleportation to be useful at all it needs to work while aiming. I never use it, because I'd rather spend that time on aiming than teleporting away. Also, this skill needs to not use durability while shooting like final hit does.

    For Elven Magic Missile just do the same as with the giant revamp. Also make it actually work with wands and staves as it's supposed to. Done.

    Lastly, Vision of Ladeca (for ALL races) needs to stop canelling when switching channels. That's a pointless feature and you know it. Can't even run black dragons with it properly.

    (Btw, the mana shield effect you suggested is sure to lag the crap out of everyone, especially in raids, so I really, really advise against it. It's not something mabi's old engine can handle without incurring problems)

    EDIT: I forgot while writing this wall of text, but an elf revamp should probably also involve magic. If we ever get an elf revamp, I assume that might also be where it'll go, instead of more archery.
  • [UPDATE] Light and Darkness Event

    There's also the issue of having started this event late enough for people (at least myself and some guildies) to have already completed the daily shadow missions. so even if you did fix it before some of us go to bed (I'm european), we kinda can't do it anymore.
  • Old event/gacha stuff shuld be put into Dung/Sms

    Non-timed re-release of bull enchants and better-than-craftable-stuff items as actual ingame content as decently dropped dungeon and shadow mission rewards. Such as the floor enchants. Music buff enchants for accessories. Creepy, haunted, etc. enchants for accessories that are behind a ridiculous paywall.

    I wouldn't even care for old cosmetic items at this point. What's bothering me is that every damn useful thing is locked behind a gacha that no longer exists and has had crappy chances even when it existed, but they still exist. There are timed buff-like items you get for your cash shop inventory every now and again in vindi, but here, you get actual permanent gear that matters too much. What does one even run content for? So, that's what I vote we make available.