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  • Amazing New Trans

    @Freakoutcast : Well, to me the only problem about it is that the ones that are technically things you can repeatedly kill in the game don't end up being monster transformations, but npc transformations, meaning we can't earn them the legit way. We can only buy them. Usually, these trans medals are so rare that some of them cost over 5 mil to buy, which is also ridiculous. If they were more common I guess it wouldn't be as much of a problem to some people? NPC transformations are cosmetics, so I myself am not opposed to them being in the cash shop, although they are kinda rare sometimes.
  • Amazing New Trans

    Shaeli wrote: »
    And all it'll take is to drop like $400 on the gatcha they come out in.

    It's like the dev team doesn't know how to implement new content any more.

    I'm just sad people are still buying into it so hard to allow it to keep happening...and it seems to be getting worse over time. Or maybe that's because we have a new gacha literally every week. I can't tell.
  • Fixing RNG events

    Whaaat, are you saying you DON'T want a whole carasek bag full of age and pet age potions from the current event? I can't understand why. Rebirthing as age 17 and having half an inventory of age 17+ potions seems reasonably rewarding.
  • Tired of Afk events

    I am both tired and not tired of afk events. I generally hate just having to stand around and be logged in for no reason whatsoever just to get 5cm gems, but I also dislike events that take 3 hours to complete, only to give you...a 5cm gem. Or a non-SE potion. So I can't really say I tend particularly to yes nor no. It's a gray zone. I do not have the time nor electricity to waste on worthless, unfun events. Even if I did have the time for long events though, I would at least want them to be exciting. I generally hate having reruns of the same thing 400 times just because it'd cost more to make something new, unless it's a really good event. Like the treasure chest one. Or meowbinogi (which should really come back at this point, given how everyone could now probably use a perma combo coupon or two).
  • Easier Dan tests

    For mag all they'd need to do is remove the fish wave and it would be perfectly doable even with 12k, I'm sure. There's just too much bs in a row, though. You basically spend 80% of the test skipping whatever you can with the most rng on rng on rng on lag action possible.