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Last Active
  • Fixing RNG events

    Whaaat, are you saying you DON'T want a whole carasek bag full of age and pet age potions from the current event? I can't understand why. Rebirthing as age 17 and having half an inventory of age 17+ potions seems reasonably rewarding.
  • Make the Milky Way Scooter dyeable please

    Devkitty just sees the world through rose-tinted glasses...and that color is bugged. No wonder.
  • Fix your advancement tests, broken as all hell.

    Here is a PERFECT example of how broken this is. This dan is pretty easy..but only if you're lucky. My first try was 5k points by 10 seconds left on the timer, now look at this stupidly high score. I had already way surpassed the SS rank score when 1 minute was still left.

    The thing is, with crash shot this is still kinda fine, because you'll just need multiple attempts to get lucky. With magnum though, you have so many more things you need to kill with mag even after weakening them that the chances of being "lucky" become astronomically low. It's...really, really dumb. How can a single test with the same person that retains the same skill level, go so differently? Answer: positioning of RANDOMLY spawned enemies, RANDOM miss chances, RANDOM deadly status and horrible high hp mobs that just do not die easily and can cast lightning bolt in like 0.7s or something, RANDOM crits that are somehow required for the score to go up, etc.

    It's like...okay...good idea to revamp this system, but how about...making it an actual skill thing and not a gamble against really unfair odds? Isn't that what becoming "good" at a skillset is really about? Actually being good, and not lucky?
  • Nexon, please address the botting situation.

    I agree. I feel a lot of bottled up anger towards this. Just look at it. 3 entire pages of spam in this section alone.
  • Grandmaster Title

    Sure, whatever. As long as it doesn't add more stats or anything that's just a cosmetic detail.