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  • New Enchantment Removal

    It would be better if they were enchantable, but they're not. Nexon also aren't very prone to updating old items. They also don't usually release gacha-only enchants into the game. I would be fine with having this enchant if it meant you can earn it. But at this point, any endgame crap like that is usually locked behind several gachas that won't penetrate the market commonly enough. Even if they did, the following generations of players won't profit from it once they've reached a level where they'd want this stuff. The simple best solution is know, not be a douche and release ingame content instead of locking combat performance behind real money cash grabs, rather than just cosmetics. You can get like 300 str with painstaking work to rank tons of skills..OOOOOR just buy two fully enchanted, monstrously unfair gacha-only accessories and vastly outperform others. This kind of stuff is what messes with the game's balance and sense of progression every single time. Just like how we immediately got celtic weaponry in the gacha after people had been collecting materials for weeks or even months to craft their own weapons. Pre r2-reforged and x-grade. It's stupid.
  • Repeal the dungeon revamp

    Sure, if the droprate was significantly increased I'd bother with the dungeons again (and I mean what is now 0.000000000000000001% should maybe be 10% or 15%, something achievable. As you can see with stone upgrades in sidhe finnachaid, 25% chance means you sometimes fail 10+ times before even getting it right once, as opposed to the theoretical 3). But as of now, all dungeons are good for are exp..and they're not even THAT good. You're kidding yourselves. What's making it worthwhile for you are potions and events, like when we had only just gotten it. I can probably make more exp spamming much, much easier content with essentially no repair costs, while if I don't take my best of best gear during the dungeons, I'm not gonna get anywhere within the next two hours.

    When I started out I could handle rabbie basic at level 100 because I moved around tactically and lightning bolted enemies from far away while remaining on single aggro. Enemies hit super hard, but had MANAGABLE AGGRO and LOW HP. Now we have GIGANTIC HP and FAIRLY HIGH damage. Outside of dungeons it can get even worse. Freaking 200-mobs-at-once-instant-multiaggro-of-death-and-destruction-with-102408204203928430423982-normalattack-damage-and-all-standers-level-2+

    See, my problem with this is: it's not "challenging". It's "draining". It's not any less boring than it was before. There isn't anychallenge whatsoever in cranked up hp and damage when the dungeons are exactly the same, unappealing trash they were before. Little to no drops, ridiculously boring design (no elevations, no different rooms, no gimmicks, no shapes other than god damned squares everywhere, unnecessarily long passageways). Everything that was borng before is still boring now. The only thing that changed was that it now takes even longer to solo them. I still don't have any incentive to do dungeons in groups though because the droprates are crap and the dungeons themselves are boring.
    Sidhe Finnachaid is a decent start, but it also suffers from the giant hp sponge sickness and the same old gimmicks we've had before. The only thing new are the boss' attack pattern (which I appreciate greatly) and the fishes. I'd count the dragons too, since they give only mages a chance to shine for once, but even that is limited due to the fact that it's - once again - all about kill or be killed, in a giant bullet hell of thunder and fireball strikes. Using cleric shields and using crisis escape outside range to drop aggro is about as tactical as it gets.

    Last thing, for the person who ran rabbie for thunder page 4 @Opalthira : run ghost of partholon instead and grab all of the flying booklets. They drop the page way more frequently. It's not really hard to get it anymore at this point. Market crashed due to people spamming samhain as well, where there was an interlude of a drastically shortened rabbie with the same droprates. I don't know if people are holding on to the pages and pretending the market "totally doesn't have any", but it sure does. I bet half of the people have spare pages lying around.
  • "Mabinogi undermaintence"

    Yeaaah, I kinda wanted to use this one day of time I actually had and rank life skills during life week..guess that's not happening today either.
  • Repeal the dungeon revamp

    Repeal and replace later. Works every time.
  • Why are Heart Stickers still a thing?

    I want them removed, honestly. They're annoying. Putting rewards on them is a bad idea because we get 6 free characters per account that can all send 5 stickers each to abuse this.