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  • Change Inventory Search Effect!

    I never ever use the search feature because of exactly this reason. In your case I found it very easy to spot the average firewood, but usually it's not so easy.

    One suggestion from me though: I would prefer if this system would highlight the cell in question in an even more distinct matter, by making the cell's color that the item is on in a color contrastive to the item itself. Because if in this case you were searchinig for a pure black/white item, you could still have trouble finding it. That's just me though.
  • Stamp Rally Event: End of week 4!

    Second tip, at least that's the way it was for me: if you have a requirement like a gathering wool and ALSO have a requirement to gather that particular material for the daily 50 gathers quest, that one takes priority over the event and you either have to gather 70 times in total, or you first abandon that daily quest, because it will hate you.
  • Statistical Debate Forum Regarding Race Imbalance

    1. Combo cards are powerful indeed. But non-gachaing players can not get a mag spam card at this point. I've once suggested to bring back the combo card maker permanently and the idea was kind of ignored.
    I was there at the SAO event when it was last a thing, but I wasn't strong enough by far to get all the cards I'd have liked to have, nor did I know which ones I DID actually want, because the gameplay is ever changing. Now the chance is forfeit.
    However, FH and bash spam are always possible and even involve way less effort to become efficient.

    2. I'm in favor of keeping FH strong. I do however think it doesn't need to be as ridiculous. The balance of the game doesn't need to be broken in the first place.
    Again, combo carded people would be noticable if they existed in proper amounts and if at this point they weren't behind a paywall.

    3. It's not, because there are plenty of other ways to buff that involve...I don't know, not depending on people to have no lag?
    It's not like people like myself want more than that - I just want an appropriate measure rather than a "here, have 400% extra aim speed, OH WAIT LOL TOO BAD IT ONLY HELPS IN THEORY", because at that point it feels more like taunting mockery.

    4. Giants definitely deserve a buff. To be fair, I am kind of tired of hearing the thing where humans need something to be great at when their point was to be a jack of all trades, so perhaps at some point it'd be feasible to turn that into an actual strength in regards to another seperate talent entirely, so that giants can excel at melee like they should, if we really do have to give them a special thing for people to feel like being able to do literally anything is an upside.

    5. It's not as much about chilling as it is about wanting actual balance. It's perfectly NORMAL for every race to be able to run any content. However, there are many issues that come with a lack of balance in a game. Just to mention a few:
    -Loss of sense of accomplishment when comparing to the 500x better thing that you didn't pick because mabi advertises itself as a game where you can be what you want to be
    -Insane time consumption and repair costs for weaker talents because you have to hit hp sponges roughly 10-30 times as much, or even more, than a guy who just slaps entire rooms to death with one FH that doesn't use dura.
    -Heavy reliance on real life money to be able to work with some talents at all, while some are not only way stronger, but also faster and cheaper
    -Misinformation in regards to ingame references towards things that will trick new players into believing an alternate fact, only to realize they've been lied to
    -People being unable to switch character races or main talents (gear-wise) easily because of the amount of time and effort they put into characters

    You and I have certainly made some points, though I find there are also flip sides to each of those issues, which I'm sure also have yet some more counter arguments against them.
    A small difference wouldn't really be causing that much of an uproar, but as it stands the difference in various afforementioned factors can simply be so insane that of course people would want to complain and get it balanced.
    Of course you'd compare DPS to DPS. If the difference was marginal, you wouldn't notice it that much either. To begin with, it's okay for archery and magic (even for elves) to be slightly weaker than melee because it's a form of combat you do at range, with less risks involved that come with being a melee fighter.
    That's why of course balancing doesn't stop with just races, but talents in general. For now though, there have been several points raised as to why a racial rebalance would really help make amends until real balance comes around, if it ever does.
    Every race has their own playstyle, but it doesn't really matter how you play a race against an enemy that's already dead. The way combat currently works is kill or be killed..and if you're really bad at taking out hp sponges that 1-3 hit kill you even at near max possible health, it doesn't really matter anymore how much of a positional or tanky advantage you have. Nor does it matter in terms of repairs and other factors.
    Generally, the whole combat against wolf-AI enemies with an increasing amount of hp and damage is part of what causes this arms race and that's probably not going to stop anytime soon. One thing's for sure though, in whatever content the game does actually allow you to group up in (another regressing trend in an actual so-called mmo), you don't want to feel like dead weight even at level 16k+ just because of a race you've picked ages ago. Humans may feel fine in that regard and not acknowledge this problem, brush it off as "you don't need to compare yourself in that way to others", but if you're just standing around trying to take aim until things drop dead in front of you..that's not fun. Not teamwork either.
  • Mabinogi Direct Launch Ending March 16th

    Look, first of all: I use only one nexon game. This one. A mandatory of the nexon launcher is utterly damn stupid. Why use a launcher for a single game if you can..I don't know, launch the game itself instead of launching a launcher that launches the game? Really?

    Secondly, it freaking adds even more lag than this broken game already has. WHY? I already crash in every SM possible and can no longer enter taillteann and tara since at least a year ago and you've never wanted to "fix" that now freaking did you? But no, better pull this kind of a stunt. Obviously that helps everyone.

    Thirdly, there have often been issues with either the launcher or the non-launcher. Having been able to switch between the two has often provided solutions to problems that should NEVER HAVE EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE, but somehow always do. Every few updates. Just like how various OSes kept getting locked out of the game for months on end.

    It's only by a miracle that I may be getting a better computer soon. Without that, your unrelenting "idgaf" philosophy towards older machines (despite them being able to graphically able to handle your game JUST DAMN FINE) would probably soon cause me to be unable play the game altogether. Maybe others too. But who cares about the customers too poor to gamble anyway, right? Drop what you can't milk.

    Also, yes I know, the salt is real. Try keeping the community of a neglected game active and showing your support by playing unlike a lot of others, but being constantly spat in the face and having to restart for at least 20 minutes a day for every few minutes you play, for over a year, then getting this kind of dung flung at you next.