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Farming for dorcha crystals


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June 4, 2004
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  • Ranking Catering with Master Plan and Pet Event.

    With the ability to rebirth into Culinary Artist, with the Master Plan Event, and also with the ability for me to rank my cooking from Rank 9 to Rank 2 with training seals, I decided to try to rank other skills that are associated with the Cooking Talent. Right Now I am focusing on Milking And Catering. My Milking was a Rank D and my catering skill was obtained by re birthing to my current talent.

    I bought 10 empty bottles from Walter and been harassing the cows in Dunbarton. After filling all 10 of these bottles, I switched equipment to a cooking table and fermentation vat and fermented Plain Yogurt (you only need milk as only ingredient.) After having these plain yogurt, I have been using them to as catering dishes. I know in higher levels you'll have to fill all 10 slots, but since I am a lower level, I just been using 2 yogurts per cater. I think its a cheaper option than buying chocolate or dishes from auction or NPCs.

    I think I can possibly max my catering skill today along with my milking skill if I am determined. The boosts that my talent and level (110) gives me makes it easier. Also today we got a Complete Skill Exp Potion and I am also doing the Returned quest which gives me a title "The Returned" with more Skill boosts. If you have a cooking truck or homestead items, I think it'll make progress much, much easier.

    If there is an easier/another way that also allows me to rank other Chef skills together: hoeing, harvesting, egg gatering, wine making (I seriously need to level this one) and mushroom gathering, please tell us in comments.

    Side Note: Fermenting Unlocks at Cooking Rank 3.