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  • More stackablility

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    KR Mabi recently got an update about this.


    Here's a video explaining the changes from the update.
    Make sure to press the CC button to turn on the English captions.

    Many items were affected by this update, things like Ingots and Firewood and Ore Fragments had their stack size raised to 100, and even some previously unstackable items like Apples and Big Lump of Cheese among others became stackable up to 20.

    Some things weren't affected, though, like Potion stack sizes.

    But overall, check out the video, and maybe you'll see something that's changed in a way that you'll like.

    It's a good start but the systemic issues with stacking in this game is far more widespread.

    Content passes don't stack (Peaca Abyss passes...),
    multiple instances of the same kind of skill training potions that don't stack except for when they do (10 min 2x Combat),
    hammers don't stack,
    Saga coupons only stack up to 10,
    Flowers only stack up to 5 but grass that was just released stacks higher,
    thread balls didn't get stacking (mentioned in the video)
    At least 3 instances of non-tradeable blue/red ups that don't stack!!

    Failure pots only stack up to 5,
    Nao stones stack up to 30 but guardian stone stack higher,
    gathering speed potions don't stack,
    tendering potions don't stack,
    (some) exp potions still don't stack,
    pet adoption medals don't stack and have at least one other instance which can't be banked on other characters banks,
    name color change potions don't stack,
    forgetful potions don't stack,
    multiple style key (30 days) that don't stack,
    Abyss Coill Advanced passes stack!
  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    I'd like to see the Squire Recruitment Scroll come back and be purchasable directly.
  • Mass Production Cooking

    What about something like being able to mass produce foods that are 3+ levels under your cooking rank?
  • Auto-stack button stacks acorns

    Disagree. I will stack my acorns when I'm good and ready.
  • Squire Recruitment Scrolls, bring them back!

    With G21, which features the Alban Knights, right around the corner it would be nice if these were added to the shop either temporarily or permanently.