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  • Homestead WIndmills for everyone

    Not every town has a mill, more specifically a grain grinding mill. It would not make much sense for everyone to have their own mill.
    i guess you've never heard of querns.
  • Large Water Bottle

    Twelie wrote: »
    This is an item that would sort of work like a leather pouch, but only work for up to 20 water. You would have to equip it in your hands,and you can gather it continuously at a well until it's full. It would work well for potion making as holding 20 bottles in your inv is quite a lot of space taken up.

    Bottles will hold one unit of liquid, buckets will hold 6, and canisters/barrels will hold 18.

    Originally posted in:
  • I guess VIP update was a lie

    Gaea wrote: »
    I've been saying this for years, I've always had a feeling that KR hates us and so they purposely do that. :(

    It's just Corean culture. They have 0 consideration for strangers as humans, and shameless hostility toward foreigners.
  • Suggestions for LIFE TALENTS

    I think the handicraft skill should be for utility and mostly usable without a handicraft kit. This will really emphasize the "hand" in handicraft. Possible no-kit recipes: a stone axe to cut wood and for use as a bladed tool, fishing rod from naturally foraged material (any wood/pole/branch and thin thread), a single thin thread handmade from some wool (takes 10 seconds to make 1 because we're making it by hand and not with a wheel), cooking utensil recipes already exist (should they require a bladed tool to whittle?), a campfire kit made from wood + branches + tree sap, torches for lighting dark dungeons, waterskins for holding water made from leather (should it require a sewing kit?), a kite just for fun, a crude signpost with custom text for trolling, a crude tent to protect us from the elements, a small cup of paint made from herbs (smaller than the existing paint buckets) used for marking your path or your body or just for fun.

    I think a handicraft kit should count as a bladed tool, a hammer, and a sewing kit. This means you can save space by carrying a handicraft kit instead of those other things. If you already have these things, then you don't need to carry a handicraft kit.
  • New idea for improving mabinogi.

    "A stock is an investment. When you purchase a company’s stock, you’re purchasing a small piece of that company, called a share. For companies, issuing stock is a way to raise money to grow and invest in their business. When you own stock in a company, you are called a shareholder because you share in the company’s profits."

    The question then is, what companies are we buying shares of? maybe the Erskin Bank, Lezzaro Vineyard, Eluned Vineyard, Festia Entertainment Group, Tailteann Farming Cooperative, Bean Rua Bar, Loch Lois Restaurant in Emain, Alchemy Society headquartered in Tailteann's alchemist manor.

    The other option is to invest in guilds instead of companies. We buy shares of a guild, then the guild uses the money to run content, then they somehow turn those gains into money or guild worth, and finally the shares go up in value. idk, just throwing out ideas.