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Last Active
  • Allow Auction House with summoned Pets

    Listing an item in the AH while in a dungeon or shadow mission is fine, but I don't think we should be able to retrieve items from the AH. For the same reason we can't access the Dressing Room, Homestead, or Mail system while inside missions and dungeons.
  • Make Humans Unique Again

    Give humans the ability to swim. :D

    I wouldn't mind taking a dip in Abb Neagh Lake or wading into the beautiful waters around Iria.
  • Elf Update?

    Copied from the Magic Missile discussion thread:

    We should shift Magic Missile's main focus from straight damage to utility and convenience.

    Option #1: Synergize MM with magic skills

    Magic Missile can become a way to 'shoot' an already-charged bolt or intermediate magic using a bow. Thematically and graphically it would appear like the elf imbues elemental effects into their arrows. The benefits are 1) some extra range on the magic skill, 2) elves can cast int magic with a bow, and 3) maybe some extra effects (like the existing Magic Missile). Magic Missile basically becomes an (elf-only) improvement or add-on to the existing magic system.
  • How underwhelming do you feel Hailstorm/Meteor is

    I think meteor should cast quickly but take a long time (20 seconds?) to actually make impact, all the while your character can move around while the already-cast meteor is "falling" to Erinn. The longer meteor strike charges the stronger the initial impact and persisting flames should be, with the limit being the character's max mana.

    Hailstorm could act like a minigun, firing a rapid stream of (relatively) low damage projectiles in the direction of the mouse cursor. The skill will drain a set amount of mana per second and can stay active as long as the player has the mana to support it. This skill will be useful to defeat low HP creatures with immunities or extreme resistences to damage, like kiwis and zombies.
  • Pet Growth Hormones

    Should magic bean tofu also allow a character to grow if they eat it?

    I would love for all the different age potions (15 in total) to be deprecated by food items. The magic bean tofu can shrink us if eaten at night or grow us if it's eaten during the day. That's ONE food item for all our character/pet size-altering needs!