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  • Bachram's Potential Pages Thread

    Uhm here's some tips to help you out in Knights of the Round.

    Cast rank 1 raincast in the middle of the spikes. Then when it's up, kill any wolves that's still attacking and the rest of the wolves will pause. During this time, you have to kill the zombies, they are the ones that drop the page.

    When rain cast is about to expire, run back and cast shock so it kills all the wolves while you recast rank 1 raincast.

    Rinse and repeat.
  • Squire's Uniform Box

    Sadly, you can only gift them the uniforms on specific days. So it's sort of time locked. Getting chain skills have been an extremely unpleasant experience. Too many item collection RNG. It was insane for spinning slasher, but now that the last 3, raging spike, bachram explosion, and chain burst are just... too much.

    It's one thing to be difficult, it's another to be RNG locked. One of my friends can't even get the last 3 skills because the solo-only balatine mission has essentially prevented him from completing it to get anything noticeable.

    DevCat has proven that to provide "content" they lock these behind high scaling RNG walls for SKILLS. Let's not talk about the 200 + end game chest for some people to get or the lack of ancients. But forcing a solo mission... for the last three skills means that only a well equipped person with decent levels and skills (with almost no lag) obtaining it or if they have extreme luck. What are the chances that a lot of undergeared people or under level are gonna have that extreme luck to obtained these?