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  • Early Sales Heads-up! 5/23/19

    I just want to thank you for always making these posts. I don't forget usually when maintenance is happening, but I am sure plenty do and its just neat to know that you are here every week reminding them of anything that is ending.
    Thank you!
  • Support Puppet Shield Options

    Can we have an option to turn off the shields of support puppets? I am talking about natural, fire, ice, and lightning shields. It would normally not be a problem but lately I have noticed that if I am standing close to a monster and a teammate attacks it with the corresponding type (archery for natural, fireball for fire etc) that their damage gets reduced and also doesn't stun. Its really annoying. If we could just right click the puppet and turn off shield support (similar to turning off all support on timed puppets), it would be a huge quality of life improvement.

    I am just so sick of being the bane of my mage friends existence! :(
  • Useful Dan ranks for Potion Making

    I'd kill to be able to make my own tin potions. I'd even settle for age 9 potions! ;w;
  • All Instances Need a Reconnect Feature

    Pan wrote: »
    I was shafted too at one point, but I at least made an effort to not get shafted anymore. You can do the same. Anything is not impossible.

    Or, (And this is wild I know) they can add the reconnect function to more than just the traditional dungeons.

    Yes, honestly this feature would hurt nobody. People disconnecting for any reason (which doesn't have to be purely internet related, power could flicker or a cat could knock over the router, as someone mentioned!) however, is an issue for not only them, but anyone they are running with.
  • All Instances Need a Reconnect Feature

    Ah, so I am not the only one wasting elite passes all the time. :') This really needs to be a feature for sure. My internet is incredibly unstable and getting dailies done can be a chore if I have to try multiple times to make it through a run.
    Tail Def+Rescue the Scout