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  • Sweep! Spam the chat box Event

    I just like how this event is all about cleaning, and we are all dropping our box trash on the floor as we sweep it up.
    IyasenuNifanityArogwenVeylaineSaiShadoeBuffalosBlissfulkillnajee508AndrewGRand 7 others.
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Yeah, I don't see how someone being able to customize their character to their liking hurts someone else. We have people running around in rainbow flashy clothes, is that somehow more absurd than someone with dark skin and long ears (or tall and big with pink/blue hair)?

    I do have to agree also, with the idea that we are Milletians, we don't even have to follow lore so closely. I also cannot claim to be knowledgeable about in game content since my memory is awful but... I don't think its stated anywhere that elves CANNOT have dark skin. Even if it did, elves got black hair! So why not dark skin also?
  • nerf the advancement tests!

    Just chiming in again, to say I would kill a man for 60 ping!
    [Deleted User]
  • Add Mailbox Coupon and Mailbox Homestead Items

    I have been craving homestead mail boxes for years. +1
    [Deleted User]
  • nerf the advancement tests!

    Kinda neat results to share, my internet is being (subjectively) really great right now!

    CMD revealed to me, my ms connecting to and (I tried both) were 600-2.7k ms. A super varied result! After a few lines however, it was just a bunch of connection timed out.

    But yea, anyone with normal internet should definitely try all the solutions Hardmuscle suggested. Every little bit helps, when it comes to latency, I say.
    [Deleted User]JazmynDii