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  • Mortello vs Non-Mortello suit

    Thanks for votes and replys so far :) Appriciating them all, will check later again and concluding which to keep, so far Mortello is leading. ^^
  • What do you think of community of your server?

    I do not know how long they stood there, but if they was there before i noticed, they definetily did not help me even it was on good spot, rather, complains..
    [Deleted User]
  • What do you think of community of your server?

    I appriciate answers and yes i've thought that my name might give out wrong idea, but i do not believe im able to change it anymore. Idea of name comes from my own made character i have drawn before and made story out of. Not due ego. And also yes, i don't often speak out loud, sometimes i use whisper instead. As i stated, im usually not one to talk out first but i'll gladly talk back if i meet nice person to chat with. I appriciate the comments so far. Also reply to Ellisya, i only realized there was people standing and doing nothing after somepoint when dragon glitched off from the invisible wall.
    [Deleted User]
  • Buff NPCs in Siege Weapon Elite

    As soon as i entered in the mission, NPCs began pretty much dying near instantly. I do not know is this bad luck with AI, however, comparing to normal mode this is pretty ridicilous in my opinion, so much it's not even fun, because there is literally nothing i could have done about of it at all. In Basic, no problem, squires can handle them selves, several waves too. Elite? It's just suicide for them.. Honestly i don't see problems with any other elite missions except this one. Hoping to see change in this as i liked it in Basic where you were at least able to do something about of it.