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  • PSA: GM Cleric

    1. First off, GM cleric's unique effect will not activate unless you are in a party with another party member.
    2. While inside a Baltane Mission, you can still join a party through the Party Board.
    3. Depending if you have GM Cleric unique effect activated:
    a. Yes, join a party through Party Board to activate GM Cleric's unique effect.
    b. No, either have a friend with GM Cleric activated host a party or look for someone hosting a GM Cleric Party.
    4. In party Settings make sure to set "EXP-sharing rule" to "All to Finish." (This is really important)

    With x2 Baltane exp crystal, x2 combat exp pot, lvl 15 Divine link exp, and GM Cleric, I was able to reach lvl 100 in 8-15mins in basic Gatekeeper/Nowhere to run.
    lvl 150 in 10-20mins in Elite Gatekeeper/Nowhere to run. My method used in runs, I used a cc4 Celtic tribolt wand and spammed Lightning bolt.

    Hopefully more people will host GM Cleric parties to those who needs it. I'll be hosting sometimes on Mari server when I go afk.
    VaniaGretapawcalypseKokoro[Deleted User]Avan
  • Avalon

    I am not able to enter Avalon Gate on channel 2 at this time as well. This may be an issue caused by a channel crash last night. We will have to wait for either a Unscheduled or Scheduled Maintenance. Though it is the weekends, so this issue might not be fixed until monday. For now, only thing we can do is go to another channel for Avalon.
  • Too dark in Shadow Missions

    I've currently only seen this in outdoor shadow missions, but after 6pm to about 12am in game time, it gets really dark as if there is no Brightness.
    My Brightness settings are set to .50
  • Advancement Test Tips and Tricks

    Just reached Magnum shot 3 on my Elf and it was not easy. Be ready to reset if you know you won't hit 12k.
    My tips on doing Dan 2 to Dan 3 magnum test:
    1.Use the crossbow. While using the crossbow you can run with magnum shot. Really good for closing in distance. Yes, bow may be nice for long range, but you want to kill as fast a possible. Going for long range kills is not a good idea. If you like using bows instead, then go for it.
    2. Magnum shot monsters to the closest wall. Doing so, you wont have to keep running up to the monsters.
    3. Magnum shot up close to the monsters as much as possible. The closer you are, the faster you aim.
    4. Defense if you have to. Monsters like to use lightning bolt in here, which will stun you. Stun = time lose, same with knock backs.
    5. Always urgent shot after a miss.
    6. Reach Black Rat mans. If you don't reach the Black rat mans within 1 minute to half a minute left on the timer, reset. Black rat man gives +100 bonus points per magnum shot regardless of kill.
  • A tip for Soloing Fear Dragons(Mages)

    When the Boss teleports to the middle, she is more likely to use her aoe spam. If she does use her aoe spam, her animation gives her i-frames. During the animation, depending on if you or your pet has aggro (seeing 2 "!!"):
    1. If you have divine link on pet and has aggro (blue "!!") - Desummon your pet. If Divine Link CD is done, use divine link again on a pet in case Boss aggros you again.
    2. If you have aggro (red "!!") - Crisis escape or Hide (elf).
    Doing this will cancel the aoe spam. Using it after the animation will also prevent her from constant spamming.
    Also be on the look out on who she teleports to. Boss usually teleports to the person/pet that has aggro.