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  • Merge NA/KR/JP/CN/TW together. Did I miss any?

    Sherri wrote: »
    Oof no please, I'd never get on the game due to connection issues.
    Plus I dislike being around a lot of people on the game 24/7.

    As how people are presenting this idea.. you would be able to log into (for example) Ch50 to Ch60, being hosted in NA , and other channels would be hosted in a different world area so you would be having the same ping as now, or even better (assuming they do some Hardware maintenance to make this posisble, which they would need to do).
    Also if you want to treat this as a solo game, then you would be able to do it as well, since you can just hop on into a not crowded channel..

    All this while keeping the game alive, with fresh new people from other places of the world... in general I think its a GREAT idea :)
    and I hope nexon sees this and at least give it a thought...

    Im an engineer and I can assure you its not "imposible to make" its hard and from a bussines perspective we would need to check who has the rights of Mabinogi in each region, and see how are they going to divide the profits. Tbh I think thats the biggest obstacle for this to happen.

    However I would be happy even if they just merge NA together... Im in Ruairi, and the situation here is depresing.. we need some kind of merge...