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  • Naco commerce event

    Is it just me, or are the new items (the backdrop, the fountain, and the carpentry bench) really ridiculously hard to get? :/

    I've only gotten the backdrop once (HS level 13 is too low to use it, apparently).

    What fountain are your refering to? There's at least two of them. Gotten the busted fountain once, and the round fountain at least twice.

    Carpentry Bench I have yet to get as a prize, but I had help making one (and very grateful for it).
  • Naco commerce event

    Well Nexon fixed my glitch with the event during the maint. I am able to FINALLY participate in the event. Sadly I am about a week behind but... hey, still got plenty of time to get all the rewards and such.

    Seems just resetting my progress (which was nothing, only progress made was register character and pick a town for the day) did the trick.
  • Naco commerce event

    karinadele wrote: »
    nani, i'll just mail you 20 woodboards why is this so hard, what your ign

    No need. Someone helped me make it. They provided the tough string (I had some on me as well but we were a bit short) and iron bars (I provided the iron ore as it was my gathering daily at the time), along with a few wood boards we had on hand (was like 7 total). After 2 fails with a 99% success rate on handicraft (could use the training), gotten the 20 wood boards I needed. Makes the carpentry workbench that much more special.

    "Why is this so hard."

    1 wood board requires 5 firewood, 5 large nails, 2 tough string, and 2 iron bars. Tough String requires weaving r5 (mine is rF), Iron Bars are a r9 blacksmith crafting item (mine is rF with r1 production mastery; success rate would be 22% minimum to make 1, and that's taking Monday into consideration as well but not weather, which would only bump it up to 32% maximum to make 1).

    Yes, I am fully aware of that one part-time job in Cobh that MAY, pure RNG, reward you with a wood board, but that would take a long time of waiting for the part-time job to be open and in hopes the reward is an option. I am also aware of fishing in places like Cobh that MAY, but rarely in my experience, give you a wood board.

    And then there's the cost for a wood board each from players, if any are selling. Pricey and often in low quantities.

    Take any of those options, times it by 20, and there's your answer of "Why is this so hard."

    And just to get it out of the way: While I could put the time into training Weaving and Blacksmith and rank them up accordingly, I got enough skills I'm juggling around to rank up already and spreading my AP thin enough as it is right now.
  • Naco commerce event

    You can build a carpentry bench in your homestead with fine woods, finest woods, nails, and wood boards. Apparently, they added the ability to construct carpentry benches to our production tab in our homestead creation menu. Getting one from the event would save you on those mats though...

    You can?! I'll have to look through it again, didn't see it last time.
  • [EXTENDED] Naco Commerce Event

    Shadoe wrote: »
    Other people are reporting the same thing in other threads. Try submitting a support ticket.

    Did, now we play the waiting game.......gonna get a response 10 days before the event ends, I just know it.