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  • Connous Beach Vacation Event

    Now if I did my math right, you can get Vacation Coins at most between 132 and 159... Two things I'm unsure of. Do the Weekday Daily/Consecutive Login coins stack with Login on Weekend coins (being 6 or 7 coins)? Do you only get 5 coins per weekend or on Sat and Sun for a total of 10?

    The event lasts 22 days (countering before the Aug 9th maint). I believe the event refreshes every day, midnight server time, including the quest to complete a shadow mission daily (even if the shadow mission daily hasn't renewed yet).

    *Weekdays Daily Login: Max you can get is 22 (after registering; or 16 if don't stack with Weekend Logins)
    *Weekday Consecutive Login: Max you can get is 21 (or 15 if don't stack with Weekend Logins)
    *Shadow Mission Dailies for both Tail and Tara: 21 each (you won't get a new SM daily on the final day until after maint.)
    *Online for one Erinn day (36 mins): Max you can get is 44.
    *Login on Weekend: Max you can get is either 15 or 30, as the event will last throughout 3 weekends (unsure if you'll get 5 on sat and 5 on sun for 10 total, or only 5 total per weekend.)
  • So about this vacation event


    Besides, its been a while since we got new food items to craft.

    I agree. But also would want some tropical food to go along with it~ Maybe add Pineapple as an obtainable ingredient and have some pineapple dishes. And guava too! Maybe make some rangoons or pulled pork sandwich, different types of sorbet.

    Ah...I can't wait for the cooking expansion we're slated for.

    Making me hungry for pineapple pizza...
  • PayPal transactions, and a disagreement. thoughts?

    @Gaea Your response confuses me...
  • PayPal transactions, and a disagreement. thoughts?

    Very suspicious... her reasoning makes no sense to me, even if she tries to justify it. What's also suspicious is how they keep making fragmented responses instead of one complete response like yours. I've ran into people who keep communicating like that when making a trade, and it usually leads to a sour impression or a bad result...

    You already had the item on hand, you weren't offering a serial code or something that could've been used or stolen prior to the transaction, but THE actual item. Instead of wanting to do the transaction in-game they rather do it via a third-party out-of-game method, which I have seen scam people countless times in other games like TF2's hats or CS:GO skins (you be surprised how much money one would pay for a rare cosmetic in those games, it's scary and overall stupid of how to handle money properly; up to $400 or more for ONE virtual thing, it's equal to a gambling addiction).

    Your method is far more safe than using a third-party method, which solely relies on trust of the other person... Whoever this was, they wanted you to do something that is illegal to the game for whatever reason they had to justify it.

    If this person is this skeptical about transactions in game that they have to justify using third-party means, they might as well not be in the trading business at all in this game and buy the reforges themselves.

    That's my thoughts on this...
  • you can cheese Tagar with hydra

    I cheesed Tagar by hitting her constantly with my mount (one of those sheep pets) with divine link and just hit it constantly while avoiding attacks, retreat a times to recover both me and my pet and re-establish the link. I could not find a good opening for my character to attack given how insane the damage input is from her, even with mana-shield (mostly gone in 1 hit) and paladin form (leave myself open for attack when using FH)... not to mention that one move where she dives and teleports where you last were when she vanishes (shortly before sinking into the ground).

    If her damage was nerfed a bit, or a bit easier to dodge her strongest attack for those who don't have fast mounts, she would be quicker to deal with.