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  • Real Talk: Nerf Chainz

    I would agree to an extent on some points, however since dungeons were made harder sometime during my 3-4 year hiatus (Barri normal HURTS, don't get me started on Fiodh normal). I can't press the issue hard but only to bring it up.

    Chain Blades are easily spamable than archery, makes close-combat fully obsolete, archery being a close second to it (can still do heavy wounding with bows, chain blades about average). Even if you do Counter or Defense a chain-blade, the user may be out of reach for you to do anything in time and can still recover quickly to going back to stun you, or even a Defense trigger won't put a delay in their next attack unlike Close Combat, also chain sweep bypasses both Counter and Defense. Able to take a hit and Anchor Rush to another spot and counter (granted Anchor Rush is loaded prior to the hit, otherwise you may got them.) to potentially being juggled around and pushed back. Death Mark also makes it easier to do damage, even if only for a short period of time which could be enough.

    I don't have Spinning Slasher, Raging Spike, Chain Burst, or Bachram Explosion, yet able to defeat Veteran Bandits (which are Awful rank to me) with little difficulty. Chain Sweep, Chain Crush, Impale here and there, stun them with normal chain-blade attacks, wash, rinse, repeat.

    From my understanding of all this, Chain Slasher is more of a end-game talent as you can breeze through a lot of story stuff with it (far as I know G1-G3), not counting for finales with mobs that have heavy standard 2 or higher (heavy gargoyles being a fine example).

    The only combat flaw with Chain Blade is that it fairs average with multi-combat, meaning if you have multi-aggro mobs on you, you'll have a difficult time with Chain Blade (especially if they're fast and too strong to take alone) and Archery can still out range you if given enough time for a high percent chance of hitting, even with Anchor Rush to possibly close the gap as you may be pushed back by Magnum Shot. Chain Sweep might save you crits-be-giving, but you may end up aggro-ing more mobs than you wish you can handle at once. Chain Blade seems more one-on-one than one-on-many depending on the difficulty/targets, but even if just one-on-one it's more powerful than Fighter and makes Close Combat fully obsolete.

    There's also the Bachram Burst that recovers everything (including wound, hunger, and any cool-downs; good for a second Meteor Strike) and gives you a full Dorcha Gauge until it runs out, but it does take time for the gauge to fill up (both gauges reset to 0 if you log out or change channels though).

    You're also able to acquire Dorcha when you don't have the Chain Blade equipped, but in small fractions compared to when you do have the chain blade equipped.

    Also I wouldn't consider Chain Slash a starter talent compare to Close Combat and Fighter, as the latter 2 got barely anything better to offer and some of the skills in Chain Slash require going through high-end content like Peaca Basic or the Baltane missions (hate the bears!) The skills you start out with are good for starters and can get a newbie pretty far very quickly. Death Mark offers a little help but not much, and Dorcha Conversion would require you to rank up fast and have lots of HP on you too.

    It's for these reasons I try to use chain blade less often unless I have to. I like a challenges, and chain blades sorta takes away challenges that don't need to be taken away (zombies in Their Method, for example, being a fair exception to that; can only windmil so much till you run out of Stam and start chugging potions). If I'm not chain-blading I'm usually doing Close Combat with a sword.

    I wouldn't mind a little nerf in some areas, but again since dungeons were revamped and made harder (not story dungeons though), there's very little solid reason TO nerf at this time, at least based on the Chain skills I have access to. For now, they can stay but the discussion does need to be brought up at some point.
    Upon writing this a thought occurred to me; let me know if this was brought up before and yes, this is an off the cuff thought.

    Would it be possible to have the Bachram Burst as it's own passive skill than just being a gauge? Rank F would be (rough example) 50% recovery of wound, hunger, and any cool-downs (a 5 min cool down will be 2.5mins, or if there's 3 mins left in the CD it would be 1.5 mins), along with a subtle speed of the Dorcha Gauge filling up but slower than it is now. Rank 1 would be what it is now. There would be no change to how long it needs to fill up nor change of how long it lasts, I have no issue with those two as they are perfectly balanced alone.

    I have no thoughts of how to rank it up if it was a skill, but my initial thought is that in order to rank it up, number of chain blade skills must be a rank higher than the Bachram Burst skill, and Bachram Burst must be triggered a certain amount of times too (1 to ~10 times would be a good range from low to high rank, given how much effort is required for them to trigger; 1 time for rank E-D, 3 times for rank C to A, 5 times for rank 9 to 5, etc.) Say... 3 chain blade skills must be Rank E or higher for Bachram Burst to be Rank E, eventually it'll get to 4 skills, 5 skills, to whatever the max should be to get it to Rank 1.

    I have no thoughts of AP cost for ranking it once it reaches 100 points, whether it should rank up automatically or require small to big AP.

    TL;DR: I'm indifferent about the chain blades needing to be nerfed, but wouldn't mind a Bachram Burst passive skill to maybe make it more balanced to use and not be an easy go-to for some players, nor make the game too easy for newbies. At this time I'm fine with it for the most part due to dungeons being revamped, but at some point it does need a balance check.

    Also... you can counter-attack Final Hit and cut the skill length short, unless that was changed during my hiatus.
  • Naco commerce event

    Sarah2 wrote: »
    Where do the bandits spawn in Bangor? I waited till 6pm in game time and nothing happened. I had registered my character and picked Bangor as my location but nothing appeared.

    They appear a few further north of the Bangor moon gate on the east side before the path way to Gairech
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Sell your trade goods in batches of 5k profit.
    PROFIT, just to emphasize.
    Not total ducats, but profit.

    Trading is where I get a majority of my red badges.

    Like if I were carrying 50 items, and each had 500 profit, that'd be a total of 25,000 profit.
    I could trade it all at once for 3 badges, or sell 10 at a time (5k profit) five times and get 5 badges.

    Is there an easy way to determine if what you carry will bring at least 5k profit to a destination(s)?

    The math I do is:

    (Item Quantity x Sell price) - (Item Quantity x Buy price)

    For example (including the 1% discount), for Wagon (non-rental) you can carry at most 45 marble at 364 Ducats each, which in total costs 16,380 ducats. One destination will buy it 100 ducats more (464 ducats each), being a total of 20,880.

    Say you wanted a batch of 1k profit for skill training, and there's a profit of 4,500 total when you reach your destination.

    The way I tackle it is lower the quantity for both Buy (when starting commerce) and Sell (when you reached your destination) portions of the equation until I get close to 1k as possible without going under the minimum profit batch.

    In this case, I would sell Marble in batches of 10 for 1k profits each, but coming to that conclusion may not always be easy and will require some time to punch in numbers over and over until you get a satisfied number, going through ranges of 100's or 10's before going to 1's.

    Is there an easier way to do this so you don't waste time and risk having the prices change on you while you're calculating?
    Spiritika wrote: »
    When trying to turn in red badges to receive a box, Naco tells me that I'm 'not on the list.' I've already completed the daily quest and turned in the required badges to Nico in Tir Chonaill so now trying to get my daily 3 boxes. I have 26 red badges.

    I did this event last time and I'm using the same character this time.

    What do I need to to do be able to turn in my badges to receive the boxes?

    Edit - I figured out that I need to turn in the badges at the same location as the daily quest.

    Like to know myself since I got DC'd due to a channel crash in Ruairi. I still have the event daily for Tir, but I'm not able to complete it (nor has a Give Up option).

    While I do have the option to trade the red badges for 5k ducats each, gonna stock up on them just in case I can do the event the next day... however if I'm unable to do the event at all... then no sheep for me then. :(
  • Naco commerce event

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    LongSly wrote: »
    So CH1 in Ruairi just crashed (or maybe the whole Ruairi server) because as I was going to change channels from 4 to 1, I saw ch1 saying "server booting". Log back in, can't turn in my red badges nor complete a portion of the event (in this case helping Tir). All i get is a prompt to commerce, not a prompt regarding the event.

    What just happened? Am I unable to exchange my red badges until tomorrow?

    Interesting. Same channel 4 to 1 on Ruairi in Tir. I don't have enough badges at the moment to literally try and exchange, but the option is there.

    I should probably add I was in ch1 prior to the crash...
  • Naco commerce event

    So CH1 in Ruairi just crashed (or maybe the whole Ruairi server) because as I was going to change channels from 4 to 1, I saw ch1 saying "server booting". Log back in, can't turn in my red badges nor complete a portion of the event (in this case helping Tir). All i get is a prompt to commerce, not a prompt regarding the event.

    What just happened? Am I unable to exchange my red badges until tomorrow?