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  • Apparently you can accumalate points to get a Kart

    So not sure what happened, the UI glitched and somehow a kart pet box ui popped up and it had some sort of point system. There are other pets in the box such as the ceraunus and etc as they were even listed in that ui box that popped up for me. It popped up when I opened the web shop tab. I hope that they don't expect us to spend a bunch of money just to get 1 kart box though I wouldn't be surprised. It sure looked like it. I would of taken a screenshot but it just happened out of nowhere and I was super confused when I closed it, I went to go check if the kart event started randomly but it didn't.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event



    I don't really see the point in saying the same things over and over, and It's going off track so goodluck.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Alshian wrote: »
    Sebastian wrote: »
    Yeah but if you get the weapon and destroy it what was the point in going to the event in the first place. At-least you could get some gold out of it if you decide that class isn't working out for you. Why would nexon do an event to give out something that would maybe end up getting destroyed later anyway? Honestly I don't know what the point of this event was. To give out a few items? Why not just call it a giveaway.

    :I I'm still clueless to why this legendary item event even happened tbh

    The people doing this event know what they want. This is late/end game gear, it's not really for funsies. At the very least, the Divine Weapons should be perma-bound. The other stuff that is sorta your typical filler is fine.

    Just what Seb said, if you join this event then you already know what your in for, no excuse for this if you don't at least know what the event is all about.

    Plus it sounds like you did not read the entire post about folks exploiting using alt accounts trying to get a higher chance getting these rare weapons while going through lengths that are crossing the line, going too far.

    Which is why I said being character bound to be fair for all players who joined for the chance instead of being forced to give up because you have players exploiting it ruining it for EVERYONE. With of course being unable to trade unlock it too.

    I've been to several channels and the alt exploiting is actually getting a-lot of overreaction. Multi clienting to take advantage of this sort of thing is still bad, but the big majority of the people at these events were actual people, though at times there are groups of alts I've seen (for the bigger items) it actually isn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Multi Clienters still have to switch in-between the games one by one, (Do their main first on the dot, switch to the others) which means as long as you're there on the dot when that item hits the que (like everyone else)you'll be ahead of 98% of the alts, actually most likely all of them. Most of the items were gone in minutes so getting back in que was pointless because you weren't getting another chance. Though I'm afraid if the items do get rarer the alts will have a huge advantage because of this. So while I do think that something has to be done against the alts, I don't think bounding the items is the best idea. A boundless number of situations can happen because of this, such as a player getting it and literally playing never again instead of selling it and letting that item continue on. Or it being destroyed because they literally cannot sell it and don't want it anymore for any reason (like when I said It's not working out for them/not their class/etc). Giving out a legendary item like that would honestly suck ngl.

    That's how I feel about it though.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Crims wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Personally, I don't care that much. While it is kinda annoying to hear about the alts and spammers getting the equipment, I honestly think people are being way too salty about it and need to chill.
    Is the event poorly designed? Heck yes but we should be used to that by now. Should we say something? Sure, politely. But I think talking about cancelling it is a bit much at this point in time.
    Would be nice if they could implement some fixes between now and the next one though :P

    You're talking about stopping people from multi clienting basically. Every time they mess with that it causes problems with households. Guys we honestly should be used to this by now. Don't like it, don't play the event. Simple.

    No one here is talking about playing the event though. Telling them to ignore it isn't going to help the future either. Everyone has come here to express what they think about it, (that's what the forums are for) and nexon should be able to see that feedback here. There's nothing wrong with that. Salt or not, feed back is feed back. Why are you even in the forums if you're not here to give feed back on the game? Seems all you want to do is get your cute "mabi rep" up, but while you're doing that, do us a favor and don't try to put other people down for doing what literally the forums are here for.
  • great glitch

    no more link to vid

    CRK's that had SG appearance scrolls on them glitched, nexon's already aware but this is funny. If you have one of the glitched weapons and something else in the other hand like a gathering knife, this happens.