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  • Becoming Hungry

    Keep meditation up. Mediation increases the hunger rate drastically at three times the rate. I myself use it all the time when I'm idling so I can jam more raw food down my throat for semi-permanent stat boosts that last till rebirth. Oldschool but it still works well.
  • Recovering Login ID

    It's very possible your account doesn't have an ID (if it's not real old) and is only accessible by email.

    They (Nexon) removed the option (several years back) to Create an ID when making an account. ☺
    My pair of accounts have ID's as they were both made nearly 7 years ago. However, I did contact GM and had been told they are phasing out the use of UserID's in general so I cannot recover the ID itself for the secondary account. Thought I would update this with the result for anyone else that crosses this thread.
    [Deleted User]OneConfusedMilletian
  • Dice PvP

    ....wait for equipment price list....that one is going to be fun.....
    Could always reduce the equipment list to generic catagories to simplify it. Heavy armour, light armour, then clothes for the baseline points. Add on points for every X-amount of defense/protection and/or points for each 5% of each auto defense rounded up to the nearest 5%. Apply the same to shields but divide into small shield., medium shield, or large shield.

    Then for weapons simply use 1/2hander (2hander category for bows) as the baseline then add on points based on max damage divided by an amount for the points added on.
  • Share your New Year's Resolutions!

    My new years resolution is 2560x1920. :P
  • Are you kidding me.... you suck!

    I found the Shenon RP dreadfully easy. Didn't even notice he had crisis escape as an option in his skill set.. >.>

    @Splatulated - I' guessing you don't have the quest yet so cannot follow the steps until you do. Need to complete Movement 1 before you can move on to movement 2. Try relogging or changing channels to see if it shows up otherwise you will need to talk to Caravan Joe to start the second movement.