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  • Rest: Collection & Option to manage the Chair

    Dedicating part of the Dressing Room to Chairs is a good idea. Chairs are a purely fashionogi item that have no other anyway, so there's no reason not to do this.

    The part about adding a manage button to the rest skill is unnecessary. They could add an equip slot for chairs, which I think would be simpler and more reasonable, but I don't think we need even this. Just having a place to collect chairs so they aren't clogging up inventories would be great.

    The reason why i suggest the manage button part is if your inventory become like mine you probably don't want to open and find the chair every time when you need to use it right?

    You can just store your chair in the dressing room and set the Rest appearance by press the manage button and select the chair that you store in dressing room, And just using the Rest skill when you going AFK.

    Why not make more extra slot for it?... Because it already store in dressing room and link to the manage button isn't it easier? better than need to pick it out from dressing room and equip it, If it's that way we still need those chair in our inventory to equip it right?

    Here is my inventory with all the bag and you will see the Chair only bag in the top-Left and middle-top. And i store the other chair in a Cheetah pet.
  • Rest: Collection & Option to manage the Chair

    I been see the event and gacha that give lot of chair but there no a function that make them... a bit convenient? stylist?
    So let make it more easy to use and stylist so you can sell AFK like a boss with your favorite chair by...

    Add new tag for chair in Dressing room and add genre by seat number...Because i got like... 1 large pet full of chair...
    And add a "Manage" Button (Like Dance of the Death skill) to the Rest skill for player able to select their favorite chair and make it appear when they using a Rest skill...Because when we go AFK or do stuff i usually press the Rest skill hotkey not open the inventory and click the chair item it's just too pain...
  • Rycecle Trash can: Function to toss your trash

    DJsanwit wrote: »
    How about... Recycle items, get something equivalent to heart stickers. Accumulate enough to convert to adventure seals?
    Umu... Adventurer Seal sound nice too...Because it can be exchange for material which is expensive or "Enchant expiration Removal" and ETC....

    To prevent abuse, limit the amounts and times someone can recycle.
    Once per game day up to 100 times a week.
    100 recycle points convert to 1 adventure seal

    ' -') Probably limit only the reward or point part but not the function it self because some fisher may still need it... i mean for cleaning their inventory...
    Helsa wrote: »
    The items would have to be irretrievable otherwise it's just an infinite sized bag. Rather than that just allow the destroy option on everything; same result. Personally, I don't mind the clutter, it fades and newer players may depend on scavenging.

    How about adding a function where another newbie player can open the trash inventory to scavenging for the item another player throw away and in exchange for heart sticker to the owner of the item?
  • Interactable Object Icon: Easier way to interect

    Make a Floating icon on top of the object/NPC when player stand nearby the interactable object such as crafting tools/object, Dungeon Orbs, harvest/gathering node, Raft anchor pole etc...

    Because it's hard to click when player with a expand zoom or when they are in combat and need to observe area surround them in wide range, it will make those interactable object become more harder to click, or when it got blocked by pileup monster corpse or the NPC that got mobbing up with lot of player such as event NPC.

    And adding an option to Freeze or Unfreeze the name tag on object/player/item/NPC that keep dancing around when we try to click them without needed to zoom-in every time to avoid it from dancing/moving around.

    Or simply just make the NPC name tag become more Bigger and colored for them to stand out in a group of player...
  • Rycecle Trash can: Function to toss your trash

    Add a function that will accept any item (recommended using the same UI as spirit weapon Giving item) to reduce the server Burden/lag (Maybe? XD) and preserve the nice town scenery?

    By adding NPC function on the trash\bin object or just simple Icon in the main inventory...The two different feature type is if player using the icon in they main inventory they won't get any reward from it or get less than using the NPC function on Trash can object.

    The reward depend on the type of item they tossing in them by using similar UI as spirit weapon it will become more convenient to the player to select item and press the button to give it to the Trash can and receive item as a reward, the reward is the same as fragmentation skill or less and by adding a chance to get the reward or none or get lower quality than the craft material of that item.

    And maybe don't need to add a retrieve function or less item countdown before item disappear to save server memory, for example item will disappear in 3 min if normal drop to the ground just adding item disappear in 30 sec or simpler using 30sec as item recycle item before getting a reward for reconsider/confirmation's time.