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  • Music Attendance Check Event

    you can scroll down on the on rewards list. For some reason lowering the slider stops at 1 from the bottom. had to roll the mouse wheel to get to the bard bag.
  • [PART 4] Fantastic Memory Relay Event

    Yeah same. I never bother with other brushes. Just use the biggest one, clean up the stuff no where near the star, then take your time getting the rest.

    I';ve only failed once thus far out of 30 and it was due to the cursor teleporting halfway across the screen to the center of the star and making a giant hole of red in it.

    you only need 1 success to finish the daily event. Doing all 5 just gives you the maximum amount of useless goodie bags (they'd be a bit more useful if they lasted 24 hours or hell just 8 would be fine or you could at least use more than 1 of each per day).
  • What if Nexon sold gold and ducats?

    Because it'll never get to that point.

    The only way nexon can stop botters is better NX prices to hurt the botters efficiencies. Adding even more gold to the system is never a fix. You MUST get RID OF IT. Not add more. Or if you can't do that, then you need to tweak the other options for exchange to compete with gold sellers to push them even lower and ruin their efficiency.

    And they aren't even the problem.

    They just have to revert the gold limit changes back. And then remove checks from existence, and just have everything be able to direct bank trade without a minimum limit. And no trade/AH price can be higher than 20 million, i.e. same shop limit as Belvast.

    That is what was keeping prices low, since you can't charge more than someone can physically hold for an item or that your merchant service can handle. The INSTANT AH's went live, the inflation absolutely exploded, because previously 20 mil was the limit. Unless you wanted to hawk your wares manually via trade spam, you weren't selling for more than 20 million.

    That put an effective upper limit on what the market could charge for day to day items and kept prices down relative to income sources. It was only the truly exceptional that sold for more and required more direct negotiations, and those are annoying to set up, so the majority of people will follow the path of least resistance.

  • Please Update Alchemy

    Change 1.

    Alchemy can be loaded while moving, you just move at the same pace as having defense loaded while doing so. You're effectively loading a magic musket and you can do that while moving on foot, just at a reduced pace.

    Change 2.

    Change Flame Burst to simply cast in a cone front of the user and allow them to move slowly while it's in effect. This lets it be a lot more effective as an aoe as you don't waste time/charges on a bunch of trivial enemies and lets alchemy be a little faster and help combat positioning lag, so you don't get screwed if you activate the skill right as the server decides to hiccup.

    Change 3.

    A. Change Mana crystals to work exactly like the spell of the same level (they're still ridiculously slow to load, base 5 charge time + a little extra) including scaling from your int..

    B. Leave them as is, but reduce the loading time to the same as a single water canon charge of the same rank. They stay weak but increase your aoe options and can help clear trivial content faster.

    Change 4.

    Un-nerf Shock or SUBSTANTIALLY increase it's damage by like 5-10x. It either needs to be useful for it's stun-locking potential OR it's damage, but it does need SOMETHING. And maybe just remove the cooldown entirely.

    Change 5.

    Let all alchemy scale from Int. Doesn't need to be a huge amount, maybe 20-30% less per point than magic does. But it needs something. If you're gonna keep killing it's utility, you need to replace that with more damage.

    Change 6.

    improve Auto-Golem's ai. Hell just give it the normal golem ai, except it'll prioritize your target. At least it'd use it's abilities semi-intelligently in that case. And give it benefits from Earth cylinder efficiency and upgrades.

    Change 7.

    Remove penalties for elemental cylinders and look into buffing the upgrades a little bit.

    Change 8.

    Buff Barrier Spikes A LOT. Gains 80% of your defense/protection and 300% of your current HP as bonuses. Efficiency bonuses/upgrades apply as percentage bonuses instead of flat bonuses. Can be charged multiple times (up to the maximum number of walls your rank allows) to lay down a larger line of walls.

    Change 9.

    Frozen Blast ALWAYS reduces the defense/protection of the enemy, regardless of being successfully frozen, and enemies that aren't frozen have their movement/attackspeed/cast speed reduced by similar amounts to Fantastic Chorus for the duration of the freezing effect duration. Enemies that ARE frozen by frozen blast take 100% increased damage for the duration.

    Change 10.

    Change elemental wave Life Drain to give advanced heavy stander while in effect and drains ALL enemies in a radius around the user, similar to the Monster Life drain.

    Change 11.

    Heat Buster always hits 3 times at R1 (gaining +1 hit from rA+ and +2 Hits at r1), and the elemental wave version gets a substantially increased splash radius and doesn't knock the user back/stun them.

    Change 12.

    Rain Casting R1 lightening strikes hit as hard as R1 single charge Thunder bolts. Does not cause aggro. Causes Enemies within the aoe to take 1% increased Lightning Damage per rank.

    Change 13.

    Guard Cylinder's increase alchemy effects by 25% base when used in conjunction with a cylinder, and gains an extra 5% per rank of Guard cylinder mastery. (since the animation shows you using both cylinders to attack, IMO, you should be getting double damage once you've mastered using the guard cylinder). Utility Alchemy instead have their duration increased by 20% +2% per rank (total of 50%). Does not apply to Hydra Transmutation, as it requires 2 cylinders to use.

    Change 14

    All guard cylinders get a special Guard cylinder elemental upgrade (0-0), that increases all elements by +6.

    Change 15

    Tower cylinders can be used without setting up, they simply don't increase range by 80%. When set up, all charged alchemy automatically chain-casts and heat buster doesn't move or stun the user. When setting up the tower cylinder, if the user has the barrier spikes skill, has sufficient space around them, and is in an area that allows barrier spikes, barrier spikes will automatically be created starting in front of the user and applying clockwise until their maximum is reached. re-packing the tower cylinder will automatically destroy all of the users barrier spikes. Casting barrier spike while in a tower cylinder will replace any destroyed barriers, with the same priority as when it spawns them.

    Change 16

    Life-Drain's draining portion gains 50% of your lost HP as bonus scaling, and DOES generate health equal to the amount draining damage dealt. (HP scaling has gotten so high life drain is worthless as a recovery ability....of course recovery potions in general are largely worthless for the same reasons, but that's a different overhaul discussion).

    Change 17

    Metal Conversion:

    A. Remove the mini-game and let it work like fragmentation, i.e. a proper queue.
    B. Change it so that each Green panel you hit increases the output of the skill by +1.

    i.e. at F you'd spend 5 material to get 5 material if you did it perfectly. Which is pretty easy. But as you get higher skill, you start generating extra material. Potentially 2 -> 5 at R1, assuming a perfect mini-game, but the panels get smaller so it becomes harder to hit all 4 every time. That would at least give some incentive to pay attention to the mini-game and reward you for it every time, instead of a random chance to do something that basically never happens and is worthless even when it does due to Hillwen engineering generating rare materials more consistently.