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  • What if Nexon sold gold and ducats?

    Because it'll never get to that point.

    The only way nexon can stop botters is better NX prices to hurt the botters efficiencies. Adding even more gold to the system is never a fix. You MUST get RID OF IT. Not add more. Or if you can't do that, then you need to tweak the other options for exchange to compete with gold sellers to push them even lower and ruin their efficiency.

    And they aren't even the problem.

    They just have to revert the gold limit changes back. And then remove checks from existence, and just have everything be able to direct bank trade without a minimum limit. And no trade/AH price can be higher than 20 million, i.e. same shop limit as Belvast.

    That is what was keeping prices low, since you can't charge more than someone can physically hold for an item or that your merchant service can handle. The INSTANT AH's went live, the inflation absolutely exploded, because previously 20 mil was the limit. Unless you wanted to hawk your wares manually via trade spam, you weren't selling for more than 20 million.

    That put an effective upper limit on what the market could charge for day to day items and kept prices down relative to income sources. It was only the truly exceptional that sold for more and required more direct negotiations, and those are annoying to set up, so the majority of people will follow the path of least resistance.

  • Fishing stuff

    Craftable Fishing Poles and Bait that increases chance of getting fish and lowering chance of getting items/ scrolls.

    Also Bait tins that make certain fish more likely to be caught. (they can work for multiple fish types (just to keep the number of different tins needed down to a minimum) but can't share the same regions, so Reef Lobster can't be on the same bait that makes Sunfish or Mackerel more likely, but could share a bait with Carnivorous Fish, Mystic Pearls, Mako Shark, etc).