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  • Adorable Box

    DANNYdani wrote: »
    Bribrix3 wrote: »
    Bribrix3 wrote: »
    I also love how no one who works for Nexon ever comments or gives feedback on players comments...
    show lack of interest in their players smh.

    Or maybe a flaw within their internal system of communication between subsidiaries.

    nah, it doesn't take much to acknowledge what people are continuesly saying

    Yes, logically it doesn't take much. But every business has policies of their own that may prevent it.

    We also have to realize that us as a community, we're a TON of people.
    They are a COMPANY.
    Even if they were able to comment on all of our comments, do you not understand how long that'll take??
    How much time will be put into that???

    Like, c'mon be realistic here.
    They try their best, all we have to do is stop complaining.
    If you wanna critique, go for it, but stop the complaints.

    You're not forced to buy gachas or pons.....
    I don't even buy gachas much.
    So lets stop the complaints.

    Nobody can be happy with anything in life, so it's in their best interests to just make as many people happy as possible, and to know they can't please everyone.

    I'm personally happy about all of this.
    because they can always do fun events to give us free cute items
    y'know, like they have before. T:

    so take a chill pill.

    Exactly, this is why the disc is better, more helpful critiques and less people bitter about the game.
  • Re-join function for Tech Duinn Missions

  • [Satire] Mabinogi Stereotypes Part 2: Wings

    I have seen quite a number of self-centered fashionogi call Heart Wings "Wings for poor players" with the utmost derision. I want to kill those players in real life. :/

    Uhhh I hope this is a joke. If not you should get therapy.
    [Deleted User]
  • step into the right direction

    I like that the villain event makes you finish the quest before you can access the shop.

    Sure its not too much but its a start to make account mules work instead of ez afking.
  • A Player forgiveness day

    If one blackrobed someone or other similar offenses, they deserve a lifetime ban. Sorry kid, you just shouldn't have enough of an asshat to corrupt someone's character data. You know what, they deserve to die. They deserve to be grilled alive, those insipid little psychopaths.

    Sometimes, one has to live with the terrible things they have done. If one has done something so wantonly destructive, they shouldn't be allowed back in solely because of principle. People make mistakes, but then there is a jerkishness arousing out of a callousness one should not have had at any age.

    I'm all for life time ban, maybe IP ban if possible or even nexon sueing them, but capital punishment? or to take it a step further and use execution methods that have long been retired for being too cruel. It is a tad bit much don't you think?

    I really hope this is a joke lol.