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  • Faster Character Movement!

    Nishiki wrote: »

    I agree with you. I feel all races should get a boost in speed, to make the game fun for beginners who do not have pets, as well as people who simply do not want to be so reliant on pets to travel around a town or field. If there is concern about it being too fast in battle, they could just make it only be a faster speed outside of combat (using the same "in-combat" timer that dictates if elves can use Hide).
  • Official Past Event Suggestions Thread

    I particularly want to see a return of the non-AFK event where you had to protect the Quila base camp from exploding zombies. Except with updated clothing rewards if possible.
    The last time I saw this event was when Iria was still new... so many years ago. And back then, everyone was too weak and it used the old loading-time combat, so it failed almost always. So I'd like to see it return when we actually can succeed.

    Honestly, pretty much anything that isn't just AFK standing online and hogging computer memory while alt-tabbed in other games, and also things that aren't overly competitive (KSing, contests, etc), but rather cooperative (protect the camp, dragon boat race, etc).

    Also bit of a rant, even though it probably won't be taken seriously... I would like there to be just LESS events running simultaneously period. It's excessive and burns me out so quickly whenever I come back to Mabinogi, I feel like my life is overrun with "must win the 3 event's prizes", and it just stops being fun to even log in, feels like a mobile game or job and hogs up my computer's memory when I want to play other games but "need" the AFK event's reward. That is in addition to being more rewarding and beneficial for bots and multi-clienters than to those who actively play. >.<
    Events do not feel special at all from how neverending they are, and I do not even have any energy or time left after doing daily event crap to actually do anything like training, leveling, or story progression in the game.
  • United is Recruiting!

    I'd also like to add that if you're into playing mini-games like Mafia, there are people who enjoy playing it in this guild.
    (Tip: Red is always Mafia)
    LanteariaMaiaTeh epic archerzmenosgreen
  • Blaanid holding her book upside-down.

    She probably just forgot how to read.