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August 7, 1993
  • How about that Cave of Trials?

    In terms of getting in another overture, you've got a few options:
    1. use celestial spike on her, run back, then buff
    2. use shadow cloak, run back, then buff
    3. summon a marionette that's not dead (don't have control bars equipped), get away from both the queen and your puppet (don't want to get hit by AoE), use crisis escape, wait for her to aggro the puppet, then buff
    4. you're an elf and use mirage missile, run back, then buff
  • How about that Cave of Trials?

    That succubus queen is op man. I am a warrior and i always Fh my way to her easy while using demigod and the black shield. once i reach her i am unable to do much damage to her before she even touches me and stack her defense. i spend 90% running from her with movement speed potions so i do not get hit, and 10% doing small damage. She always catches me with that op 1 second thunder or ice spear. she has this one move where she attacks like 3 times easy to dodge but then there are times where i can be like 10 feet away from her and still get hit by her when she does not even touch me with it. i can not beat her, i have tried bows, cc +4 fire wand, and guns. nothing works i once spend like 25 minutes just running from her and barely got her hp half way. When she took my soul i tried way of the gun so many times it did not work for me and i still get hit. Another thing is i do not know how to avoid her little meteor skill when she flies to the sky. I need help

    Adding onto what ShouK and Maia said, there's also 1 other thing I've noticed with her AI in the trials: she'll occasionally load fireball, but not lob it at you. If she does that, then you've got about 5~10 seconds to whale on her. Just keep in mind that you're getting hit by whatever she uses next if you're within melee range, so attack accordingly.