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  • Wait WAT?

    I am a memelord so I embrace the cringe. Bite me. I'd rather they be goofy and cringey then boring and okay this event is ending, and blah blah blah.

    Lighten up and have some fun, jeez. Or is no fun allowed in a game.
    BlissfulkillMizukiHayamaRadiant Dawn
  • Re:zero boardgame ticket box.

    Opalthira wrote: »
    Regardless one item is worth 2-5ish mil
    and you get 60-180 tries.
    Still gives people too much money just for afking.

    I don't care about that. People can collect as much wealth as they are able to obtain. If people want to buy their way to 40k and the best gear, so be it. That money has to come from players so not everyone is going to get that much cash. Why should I care about a select few amassing a ton of gold. maybe if they sit on all that gold taking it out of the economy, prices will drop to be more affordable for everyone.

    You should just stay in your own lane instead of worrying about what others are doing imo. That's my motto for life anyways. I mind my own business, people mind theirs, and as long as it doesn't affect me, carry on.
  • Re:Zero

    Opalthira wrote: »

    Okay let me give another example then. Final Fantasy 14. You can also do all the life skills AND all the combat skills.

    Can only play one at a time not the same.

    Close enough though. What you are going to use all the life skills in Mabinogi or Runescape simultaneously? Combat sure. I can give you it for combat.

    Combat is the least of my concerns when it comes to games though as fun as blasting things with magic is. As long as there's enough life skills another distractions it makes up for it.

    Also both Runescape and FFXIV have more quests. Mabinogi is EXTREMELY lacking on the Quest Department. More side quests and side stories please.
  • Re:Zero

    Veylaine wrote: »
    CoolAid wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »

    Well this is the ONLY game out there where you can master ALL skills and not be stuck to one archetype per character. We have such a dynamic combat system that it's bound to attract non-anime fans.

    Well it is true that's one thing to bring in non-anime fans. Mabinogi is NOT the ONLY game that does this, an easy one to call would be RuneScape. Yes I know that Jagex can be a cooperate disaster but that's not the point, if you respond with its grossly run then I won't respond because I already know that. (also not just you but anyone else who would respond)

    Now as far as MMOS I've played I'll bite and say Mabi's combat system is unique BnS probably comes the closest .

    I'm going to bite and respond cause I think what you just said about Jagex being a corporate disaster is wrong.

    Jagex responds to their player base and tries to accommodate their concerns. They constantly are changing direction based on player feedback. They do yearly polls to get a gauge on what content the player base wants more. They let people know every month what they are working on and if there will be any delays. They also have extremely active Jmods on Reddit and the forums. I've also met Jagex at their Runefest for a couple years now and all of the Jmods have been very good and nice people.

    Oh right, they also hold a convention just for Runescape every year. However this topic isn't about Runescape so I won't say much any more on the subject.

    I can't speak for coolaid but I think they only mention that corporate disaster was to stop derailers since they could pull the jagex is bad therefore rs doesn't count and mabi is still unique ( not saying I agree with that sentiment or that it would make a valid counterargument), because the original point was that mabi is NOT the ONLY mmo where you can master everything. ( funnier point that mabi technically you can't master everything because of race skills it doesn't matter too much since you're not locked into a single class type. )

    Okay let me give another example then. Final Fantasy 14. You can also do all the life skills AND all the combat skills.
  • Soloing the Weekly Order Mid-Bonus

    It's recently come to my attention that with this update you can now solo obtain the Shield of Trust subskill Recovering Touch.

    The requirement has changed from Weekly Order to Clear the Weekly Mid-Bonus. Here's how you can do that.

    1) Defeat the Girgashiy 5 times - Pretty self explanatory and easy to do in Solo Mission. If your stats are low you may need to run it with people though.

    2) Defeat the Girgashiy within 10 minutes - Pretty self explanatory and easy to do in Solo Mission. If your stats are low you may need to run it with people though.

    3) Gain the 'Apostle Ring' from Girgashiy - Keep running Girgashiy until an Apostle Ring drops. Probably easier to run with a group but possible solo.

    4) Defeat the Girgashiy without having anyone die - Easy to do solo if you have enough pots, might be quicker in a group.

    5) Defeat the Girgashiy with your attack being the last - Pretty self explanatory and easy to do in Solo Mission. If your starts are low, make sure to let the people you run with know you need the last hit.

    6) Your HP drops to 0 with a single hit from the Girgashiy - I usually go into Hard mode for this one. You can hop on a pet and move behind him before he swings until he crouches down and jumps into the air. Dismount and wait for your death to come swiftly and inevitably then revive in town. Make sure you wear nothing when you do this so you don't waste a nao or blessings

    7) Use [Shield of Trust] to block Hasidim's Mineral Explosion 10 times - You can keep a fair distance away from him until he jumps up in to the air. At this point you should see some dark blackish/purplish orb hanging above your head. When you see this, use Shield of Trust. You have a generous amount of time to do this before it activates. It's random on when he'll use it.

    8) Use [Shield of Trust] to block Hasidim's Soul Chase - When Hasidim twirls his hand around and a blue orb shoots out and starts following you, use Shield of Trust. It's annoying when he uses this right after Mineral Explosion though as you'll be on cooldown making it so you can't block it. Keep a fair distance away from him, he's random on when he'll use it.

    9) Avoid Hasidim's Fierce Charge 5 times - When you see him holding his lance out and he's glowing white, use Evasion. Make sure you are in front of him when he does this. You have a 100 - 55% chance of succeeding at r6 evasion so just keep at it and you should get it.

    10) Take extra damage from Hasidim's Mineral Explosion 5 times - Opposite of #7. Don't use shield of trust when you see the orb hanging over your head. Helpful to have mana shield up so you don't get hurt too badly.

    Mana Shield can help a lot for the Hasidim stuff. Especially if you do Inspiration now and then to help heal up your MP to save on pots.

    With that hopefully you will have an easier time obtaining Recovery Touch if you can't make it to the daily/weekly runs with other players or lack enough friends to run it with.