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  • Two Sentence Horror Story: Mabinogi Edition

    "You don't have enough Dorcha!" Guess it's time to offer up some of my soul...

    Kemaly - Nao
  • Mabinogi Glorious Glyphwright Contest


    IGN: Kemaly
    Server: Nao
  • How Have You Decorated Your Homestead House?

    Lookin' good. This is my house:


    I also hate the uneven placement lol. And yeah, the furniture is kind of limited at the moment, but it's not bad.
  • Who are Alyn's parents?

    Most of the romantic pairs in Mabinogi seem like decent people. I only ones I can think of that would abandon a kid would maybe be Cichol and Morrighan, Belita and Lucus due to bad history, another Triona situation, maybe the woman who stole Macha's man is hiding her kid to keep her safe, or she may be a Homunculus.

    I would hope whoever did it did it for a good reason, but it's possible it's just random people who couldn't handle it. The way she describes her parents (liking cooking and music) makes me think it's a couple we don't is a couple or even know of.
  • The Little Orphan Alyn Event

    Greta wrote: »
    Kemaly wrote: »
    The event sounds cute to me :)

    Cute? Cute!?!? The girl gets abandoned by her parents... She still thinks that her parents will come back and you need to play dumb and say nothing about them not coming back. Meanwhile, you are teaching her easy, silly stuff to do and make her believe that gathering 15 eggs will make her Master Chef which will make her parents come back quicker.
    This is the darkest and most depressing event in Mabinogi history. We always used to have innocent events and now we got this all of sudden... lol.

    I guess I should have said it sounds like an interesting and enjoyable story lol. I was just trying to say that I think it's not "another event not worth doing." without starting anything.

    It is pretty sad that her parents left such a nice kid like her. I'm hoping we'll figure out why. Maybe they actually left her to keep her safe or something.