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Last Active
  • Request Eluned Alchemst Glasses (old item)

    I know this is is a non issue but can you guys have Eluned Alchemist glasses added to the face Accessory slot like most new glasses without changing the original style?
  • Non gacha Old items re introduction

    please bring back items like royal diamond leather armor set etc older and new in a fun interesting way everyone can participate in etc like a blast from the past event. just a though
  • duel wield, Alliance powers, fix DK and necromancy

    some limitations for elvs (heavy blunt weapons) restriction on characters lifted.
    All classes for example duel axe duel blunt etc.

    When human is allied with giant race get a passive buff for giant like +10% heavy stander and +10%def also use the giant stampede skill at -15% damage at rank 1
    When human allied with elvs +10% movement speed +10% protection +dex 10% (new elf exclusive skill humans can use at 15% less damage at rank 1
    Revert the Dark knight taming skill to how it used to b or buff it so it can tame any monster at rank one keep the scrolls the same price.

    Add necromancy skill tree
    passive soul taking -when an enemy dies they get re summoned as your servant limit 4 at one time
    soul drain drains half of enemy's mana hp stam etc at rank 1
    empower the dead summoned or soul taken enimeis get a 30% buff player looses half of their mana and hp when
    dragged down- black vortex sucks in enemies doing damage to them.
    revenge hands break through the ground holding enemies in place doing 5% damage the longer they are summoned.

    i know this post is random but i mind as well post it while i have the inspiration
  • Scheduled Maintenance - September 20th

    Never expect consistence from Nexon.
  • Failed Pokemon knockoff

    You can Name it Nature's Blessing Box all you want but we can tell your trying and failing at making a pokemon knockoff thing lol