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August 2, 1994
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"Carpe Diem."
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Leader of the Kunai Guild {Alexina} - Proud '08 Beta Player [Originally from Mari] - Aspiring YouTuber & Musician
  • Please merge Alexina and Nao

    100% support.

    I've been playing since the beginning (closed beta) and originally started on Mari, but after a few years, got busy with real life that I took a hiatus from the game around the time that Tailteann released. I came back a few years later and felt like population on Mari was depressing and my character was laughably behind anyways, so I made an entirely new character on Alexina, leaving my old characters and PAID pets behind with countless items that were from the pay-to-rebirth days (outfits). Now, I've been fully on Alexina for a good 3 years and my character is decently leveled up. I'm not someone who no-lifes the game anymore, simply because I have a fiancee and life outside the computer, but I found that many of my old friends started playing again... in Nao.

    Alexina is not completely dead, but it might as well be. Everyone and their mother is AFK on that server and it really sucks the soul out of this wonderful game. I've seen Nao and there's people actually running around and socializing! I've gotten so depressed from population imbalance that I've had to "quit" so many times and try to find a new MMO, but I always keep coming back to Mabinogi. Why? Because it's the best one in my honest opinion. It was a smack in the face for everyone on Alexina with the "Nao" together event. Nexon deliberately made the choice to make two separate servers on a game that's frankly on it's last leg. Having one big super server would increase veteran population and new player base. Most people quit due to inactivity, so just merge it all already and stop being stubborn to the players who've supported you so much over the years.
  • Full Server Merge

    I support this! We shouldn't be left out. :(

    Jarvoren of Alexina
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Maybe someone should create a thread in the "Feedback and Suggestions" board. Nexon isn't going to take action unless they see how much this matters (or not) to Alexina. I personally feel like this merge wasn't fully thought out...
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Yes... please.

    Alexina is just... dead now. It's depressing and most people that I know have already jumped ship to start over on Nao (or returned to their old characters). Add more channels, limit x amount of characters per channel (lowering current capacity), and boom: we have a solution. I especially didn't like the fact that Nexon is basically rubbing it in Alexina's face by saying "NAO together". Nah, you left one server out who was already dying before the merge was even announced.

    Today, I did the x10 AP event on Alexina and couldn't help but wonder if there was even a point. I could be starting over on Nao, but then I'd be leaving behind something that I've poured so much time and money into. There's no winning there and it's a shame.