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  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - April 24th

    I'm with Sorath here

    All my hotkeys are gone, inventory has been moved erratically, and all my little icons have been moved [like the dorcha bar, clock, etc]

    But a friend who uses Nexon through Steam cannot get on yet. Says Servers are still unreachable.
  • Sweet Coffee Coin # - Incorrect Info. Help!

    This is nuts.
    If Gwen is the answer to adding 2 "consecutive days" to the counter, that means this event has no grace skip days at all if you want all the rewards.

    woof, rough stuff for anyone who didn't log in yesterday
  • G21 Missions

    I've listed below all the missions in order that I know about. I hope it helps in aspect for anyone who hasn't started yet or is curious where they are in the mission list. I know the wiki has not been updated yet.

    Each quest has some aspect to it so any that is just talking and cut-scenes I've listed as [Talking] and any that have a battle has [Fighting] with some information on how to do the quest.

    Small note: Q10 & 11 I accidentally lost the titles of the quest and will update when I reach them again with my alt. I also haven't done the final mission so I do not know fully what all happens, only what I've been told. Everything is up to date.
    Q1 - Shades of Ash [Talking][There is about 25-50 minutes wait before the next mission will arrive]
    Q2 - The One Who Knows the Way [Talking][You will need to use Judgement Blade on the Avalon door after Phine]
    Q3 - Approaching the Unknown [Talking]
    Q4 - The Faded Holy Name [Talking][Fighting: Run from the Apostle until Llyweln has informed everyone he found its weakness. This should take 2 cutscenes][When he puts the orbs over your head, use Shield of Trust to not be hurt.]

    Q5 - Memories of the Forest [Talking]
    Q6 - The Shadow in the Light [Fighting][Around 20% health left to the boss there will be a dialouge box. It will tell you to defend. Use the Defense skill][Side note: If the apostles in crystal are brought to 0hp the mission will auto fail.]
    Q7 - The conclusion [Talking]
    Q8 - Traversing Through Time [Talking & PT Jobs]

    Q9 - A Glimpse of the Future [Shadow Mission: Provocation][Will need to use the skill Taming for a different part in the same quest]
    Q10 - Perilous Gateway [Fighting][At 50% health left to boss bar, Altam and Llyweln will appear and help fight]
    Q11 - The Colors of Nebula Nebula [Talking]
    Q12 - *Barb [Talking]

    Q13 - Kernals of Dark Omen [Talking]
    Q14 - Hope [Fighting][You will fight Mokkurkalfi and 3 Worms: Reduce the golem's health to 80% twice. He will heal from a worm each time. After this is done, the Knights will then disband to build fires. Play distraction until the fires built]
    Q15 - Scars of the Star [Talking]

    !!! Q16 - The Raven in the Ruins [Fighting][This is the final boss and mission. You will need to avoid him for two 60 second bits until you get the message that your body is adapted to the new power. Once done he will use a life drain on one of the Knights and you will need to Crit the boss 7 times before they die. If anyone falls to 0hp, the mission will auto fail.] !!!
  • May 3rd 2018 Login Nao Lily artwork

    Vimi wrote: »
    Don't forget the beautiful Nao on the banner for the Hot Days~

    You're very correct. I really wish they'd release all of the banners and login screens for accessibility for us all because so many have such good artwork. I love how pretty Nao is on that banner.