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Congratulations on the server merge! Hope they will keep on fixing and improving things.


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October 27, 1992
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"The village of elves and zwölves."
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Mari server resident
  • Tales of a Milletian

    Um, hello? Sorry, but from reading the full rules I didn't really understand whether the allowed word count extension had taken place or not, since they are telling two different things at once. I'm going to delete this post after I receive an answer..
    P.S. I forgot that there's no delete function for ordinary otters. Thank you for the reply!
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Littlececi , I like that flowerish outfit a lot. However, I wouldn't normally wear it for a long time, as it looks more suitable for balls, weddings, and other such occasions. I haven't been on often enough lately to make any inquiries about fashion meet-ups, but I will be in if it happens and the circumstances allow me to.
    @Tabari 's new outfit looks like TarlachMilliaMacha That's very moderate and quite icy.
    Hey! I'm the cat here! >o< Cute @Wanderlust !
  • Request for new bag, Bag for Bandages.

    Kisaraya wrote: »
    Not yet. And not nearly enough with the finest of bandages.

    It's always down to the finest bandages.
    Maybe instead of a bag, it should be a medical aid box kit where you can store all sorts of recovery stuff and allow you to use hotkey to consume from.
    I just thought about that. A bag for bandages, antidote potions, phoenix feathers and maybe reviving kits for pets (for those who need to arrange bag space before giving them to a pet).
    And maybe even a new bag for repairing items, such as repair kits and mobile forges.
  • Jousting Finals

    How are you doing nowadays?
    I've set priority to sleep, so I haven't attended a single jousting round for the last couple of months. Maybe more. Or less. I dunno.
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @LittleCeci , I wanted to get that outfit too, but had to stick to the buyable one. You were right, the magician outfit is more for my tastes, but the previous outfit's overall greatness is higher, I think. Supposedly because of the slight color dissonance in the magician outfit, and because that kitty mask seems a bit off the mark. But the mask's brown part goes well with the boots, making a kind of metaphorical frame for the whole outfit. 0v0

    I've been experiencing several complex problems and had much less opportunity to play Mabinogi too, unfortunately. And I don't know if I'm able to play in like two days or a week later. No clarity at all these days, duh.

    And here's my cosplay outfit. I've contacted the corresponding customer support member, and they've told me to ask via e-mail to their copyright-related address, and I've got no answer from there. Therefore, I won't name anything specifically in order not to violate any copyright. Let's just say it's a cosplay of one of the pretty characters from another game. The color scheme is a little shifted, and I've been doing some recon and imagination work in summer to get and dye items so that they would look like it altogether. I've even changed her eyes' color and rebirthed to set the correct age. The puppet is less alike, but still rather recognizable. And I used a pet for the floating pose. The second title's effects and the tower cylinder are also supposed to add up a bit to the abstract impression.
    Her clothes (down from above): Braided Pigtail Wig with Charms (F), Mabinogi School Uniform (F), Dapper Bunny Puppet, Leather Shoes.
    P. S. From the description it seems a little like a real-life cosplay work. To my big disappointment, I don't have enough opportunity, luck and funds to do cosplays in real life. And I'm not a girl. So this it quite an alternative for me now, teehee.