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  • Beast/Dark Knight/Paladin rework

    So as the title states, I really think there's some changes needed to the beast/champion/paladin classes.

    First off the titles, I think the biggest drawback for late game players is losing their titles when they transform. Unfortunately turning into a falcon is not worth losing my +50 magic attack. I think having the option to not use the titles would reduce the drawback of transforming.

    Secondly the skills. I've never played a giant so I can't speak on their unique skill unfortunately.

    - Elven Magic Missile has some pretty big flaws when it comes to damage. Which is a shame because I'm an Archer/Mage focused character and my main weapons are staves/bows. I think if the skill scaled better with Int/Dex and did equal damage for bows and wands, it would be a cool update. I also think that the skills could have an added effect based on the element. Ice could have a slowing affect after the blizzard blows, lightning could do a magic defense debuff, fire could provide a burning effect that does damage over time, similar to Meteor Strike.

    - Control of Darkness has some pretty interesting mechanics that honestly with some tweaks could be a very useful skill. Instead of having the monsters disappear, I think they should reflect the drainage of dark knight where the health bar stars bleeding. During the bleed process they could have better stats, giving them a berserk-esque mode. Also remove the need for the black fomor scrolls as this is one of the reason I never see this skill used anymore. The taming % also could use a boost.

    - Paladins don't have a unique skill and honestly it's kind of fine? It works with their more warrior theme aesthetic and if the title is removed, it's a really nice defensive buff. I still actually see people transform into Paladin for the defensive side which speaks to its effectiveness.

    Thirdly, allow humans to change between Paladin and Dark Knight. I know a lot of players who regret becoming Dark Knights and would want to become Paladins.

    Lastly I believe that Dark Knights could use a boost in their random stats. Right now they currently get a randomize buff to int/dex/str. While these buffs were nice in early generations, they definitely aren't as useful or practical compared to Paladins consistent buffs. I think either changing this entire system or increasing the % of Dark Knights would be super beneficial.
  • Since elves can't duel wield . . .

    Technically our dual-wield skill is the ability to shoot 2 arrows at once. However since this causes us to have a higher miss chance, I don't really see it as a feature. While I like the idea of dual-magic, I don't see it being efficient in the current game. The reason being that INT-Magic does not work well together, with the exception being dual-casting thunder. If you were to argue dual-casting fusion bolt, that's already a feature with a spirit wand.

    My suggestion for a more balanced dual-weapon would be swords or an elven specific weapon we can use for dual wielding.