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  • Survey of Server Merge Supporters

    The merge is exciting but I'm a bit bummed I lost my maid and butler package, got it the day before partner creation was canned and went to bed now they are lost to the soul stream. Trying to work it out with customer support now.
  • Not sure where to ask this

    Helsa wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    Remember to set your War pImp to there once you get there.

    But my warp imp has been set to Baol.

    I've got one set to Tir Na Nog, one set to Baol as well, one set to over the falls where the giant alligator lives, one set to The Moon (because I refuse to give that up), one set to Doku Doku Island (because I refuse to give that one up as well), and one I'm keep for whenever I glitch somewhere interesting (I'm looking at you Jousting Pitch).

    Wow I'm gonna set mine to Baol in case my internet dies in its dungeon again might need extras just in case though like where dragons spawn so I can get their stuff for cooking.
  • Bots: Out of Control

    Oh dear hope my typo doesn't become memed like a certain someone's avatar headshot.
  • Broken Human Buff

    Nilrem wrote: »
    Why care about movement speed when you can, exclusively as a human, use final hit?

    Let giants be what they were meant to be, melee powerhouses.

    I'll go back to my little elf corner and stab things with my whip.

    (But really, Ego revamp when? I desire mah chain blade spirit so I can neglect it and make it hate me.)

    Probably cause being a jack of all trades master of diddly sucks.
    Giants can stomp, and have ultra defense with the proper shield powerhouse
    Elves can hide, and fire arrows on mount best at dex
    Humans can be yamcha and final hit try to compete but get second place

    Yay suboptimal race time to start sagas

    You monster. The chain ego is meant to be stuffed with gems like a piñata so it can explode in bachram
  • A free item every hour!*

    Greta wrote: »
    Why people are so entertained by that image rofl.

    Because of where it's from. Someone posted their character comparing the size difference of 2 figurines
    and another person said they looked disappointed, and a third made it a "meme"