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  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    Would something like this be viable in a dyeable and original model:Capture.PNG
    While we have plenty of sexy outfits which I will admit are not that bad to have, everything has an occasion after all. There is nothing in this style that we can dye. Yes, maybe detective female but that is a really short coat and not the same style as Ilyasviel's coat.

    (Oh and yes, add the new wigs as coupons so we can use hats and other accessories over them. The last rerelease of the beauty box had no new items)
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I started in 2010 in Tarlach but moved to Alexina shortly after since it sadly lacked players even then. I honestly have become tired of the combat aspect of the game and been slacking on the ranking on several combat tabs but after 9 years I feel content with my combat prowess. And yes, I do take breaks when I feel burned out of Mabinogi but what keeps bringing me back is the community it has and over all gamer culture. Sure, there is the dramatic bad apples in the bunch but most people are approachable and you can begin a conversation with them at random. This is something I see lacking in many other games where it is much more combat oriented and well people only want to do high level raids and get that loot plus cap levels.

    Another aspect that keeps me coming is the deceptively complex market system and all of the ways you can earn wealth in the game. Owning a business and pretty much maintaining the finances of it in real life is fun to me, so being able to run a mini ~~Business Empire~~ in Mabi entertains me and see just how much gold I can hoard (Sorry that Dragon habit.) The fashionogi aspect of it always brings potential new things to buy and dye often enough always putting a new short term or long term goal to purchase. And events even though I don't participate in all of them due to my busy life and honestly I have priorotize which ones I will do in my limited time during the week are always appreciated. I have played games where we went a whole months with out events or an update of any kind.

    Over all, the casual atmosphere, freinds I have made in game, and ability to do much more than just that 'leet raid
    "end game" keeps me playing casually even in my adult years where I can't invest much time to games any longer.

    (Become an adult they said, It will be fun they said)

    A Mabi Dragon

  • Merlin, Please.

    Haruhime20 it astounds me that you failed to grasp what the situation really was. Merlin's whole intention at inviting to that tent was to mine you for information on the current state of affairs not to "bed" you. But clearly a topic like a secret order of knights that serve Aton Cimeni can't be talked about in Dunby square. Hence he used the romantic excuse to not raise any question from his peers or onlookers. He was teasing Treasure Hunter on this event he clearly wasn't going to say real reason as that would defeat the purpose of keeping it secret. He might have also enjoyed messing with Treasure Hunter that way as well as a form of revenge from the constant bullying.

    Now as to why your idea of having them all get involved wouldn't work it is quite simple, none of the other Aces even know the Knights exist. Merlin is involved because he met Talvish in the past due to his bunny experiment and so he is actually involved in the plot. Having the others would be pointless as I am sure they have other things to do, and honestly the Knight Illuminati is probably a joke to them.

    tl;dr You never had intimate relations with Merlin, and the decision to include him on the story was deliberate regardless of "looks."
  • Weekly Loc Discussion: Most disliked NPC?

    I agree with Greta, while Millia was obnoxious she was a child for the most part that lost her parents and grew up virtually alone. Now that rC chef on the other hand.....Glewyas killed one too many rats into my recipe even though he said *not to add them!*