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  • Changing the name of Special Enchant

    It has come to my attention that people have been using a deceitful marketing tactic to sell their goods on the auction house. Special enchant, which drops from ancients and is r9 according to the wiki, has been used to make certain outfits appear as the more expensive versions. Recently there has been several "fake" Special Forest Ranger Outfits being sold at a price that fools users into paying for a heavily discounted "Special version." What they get instead is the basic version of the item with the Special enchant added to it to make a reflex purchase and greatly increase the price of base outfit. I am aware this has been done with other outfits that also have the Special/Non special versions.

    In short, this is the new version of selling used skill books on the auction house at discounts and honestly unfair. Perhaps changing the name of the enchant to something less easily abused would be a suitable fix for this dishonest marketing tactic.

    tl;dr Special enchant is making regular Forest ranger outfits seem like the special version in AH.
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I started in 2010 in Tarlach but moved to Alexina shortly after since it sadly lacked players even then. I honestly have become tired of the combat aspect of the game and been slacking on the ranking on several combat tabs but after 9 years I feel content with my combat prowess. And yes, I do take breaks when I feel burned out of Mabinogi but what keeps bringing me back is the community it has and over all gamer culture. Sure, there is the dramatic bad apples in the bunch but most people are approachable and you can begin a conversation with them at random. This is something I see lacking in many other games where it is much more combat oriented and well people only want to do high level raids and get that loot plus cap levels.

    Another aspect that keeps me coming is the deceptively complex market system and all of the ways you can earn wealth in the game. Owning a business and pretty much maintaining the finances of it in real life is fun to me, so being able to run a mini ~~Business Empire~~ in Mabi entertains me and see just how much gold I can hoard (Sorry that Dragon habit.) The fashionogi aspect of it always brings potential new things to buy and dye often enough always putting a new short term or long term goal to purchase. And events even though I don't participate in all of them due to my busy life and honestly I have priorotize which ones I will do in my limited time during the week are always appreciated. I have played games where we went a whole months with out events or an update of any kind.

    Over all, the casual atmosphere, freinds I have made in game, and ability to do much more than just that 'leet raid
    "end game" keeps me playing casually even in my adult years where I can't invest much time to games any longer.

    (Become an adult they said, It will be fun they said)

    A Mabi Dragon

  • Weekly Loc Discussion: Favorite places to relax

    The bear problem has been rising in Errin, I want to say it is the work of Ladeca's followers.